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FREE EBOOK á EPUB День опричника ë 9780374533106 ´ ➢ [Epub] ➜ День опричника By Vladimir Sorokin ➬ – One of The Telegraph's Best Fiction Books 2011Moscow 2028 A scream a moan and a death rattle slowly pull Andrei Danilovich KomiagSsia where futuristic technology and the draconian codes of Ivan the Terrible are in perfect synergy Komiaga will attend extravagant parties partake in brutal executions and consume an arsenal of drugs He will rape and pillage and he will be moved to tears by the sweetly sung songs of his homelandVladimir Sorokin has imagined a near future It's 2027 and Mother Russia is finally great again The Soviet years and the messy capitalist confusion that followed are long over the decadent junkie cyberpunks in the West have been shut out with a huge wall the Czar is back in the Kremlin the sacred Russian church is in charge of moral and the not so secret secret police keep everyone in check Finally everyone can sit back and be Russian that is work hard pray eat black bread and try not to notice that the Chinese are making a fortune off themLike the title suggests A Day In The Life Of An Oprichnik borrows the structure from Solzhenitsyn's Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich but instead of a political prisoner this time we get to follow one of the jailers Well supposedly Komyaga is one of the top enforcers in the secret police and during one day he gets to see a lot of action; he roots out and hangs unwanted elements he oversees the day's state approved dissident poetry and makes sure it's not too subversive he flies to Sibiria to consult with soothsayers and make deals with the Chinese he does very expensive drugs he philosophizes on the importance of Russianness Especially the bits about the serfs and the czar and the church and blind obedience for the greater good Praise the classics and make sure nobody reads them wrong or writes anything new that might upset the ruling order Each kiosk has to have two of each product so the people can choose It's wise and profound Our people God's people should choose between two products not three and not thirty three When the people choose between two they feel calm safe for tomorrow they have no worries and are content And with a people like that a content people great things can be achievedIt's a gleefully vicious satire Sorokin serves up both of nationalism and Orwellian controlled pseudo democracy in general but also of the Putinist conservative to thyself be enough vision It's deliberately over the top ending in an outright pornographical gangbang of the supposedly powerful but it's hard to miss the point going forward by going backward and demanding that everyone respect the Good Old Ways will only lead to a snake eating its own tail losing itself in a dream of what a country should be but never wasAnd meanwhile the Chinese buy everyone

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One of The Telegraph's Best Fiction Books 2011Moscow 2028 A scream a moan and a death rattle slowly pull Andrei Danilovich Komiaga out of his drunken stupor But wait that's just his ring tone So begins another day in the life of an oprichnik one of the czar's most trusted courtiers and one of the country's most feared menIn this new New Ru ‘’You don’t join the oprichnina You don’t choose it It chooses you Or precisely the oprichnina pulls you in like a wave Oh how it pulls you in It pulls you in so fast that your head spins the blood in your veins boils you see red stars But that wave that can carry you out as well It can carry you out in a minute irrevocably This is worse than death Falling out of the oprichnina is like losing both your legs For the rest of your life you won’t be able to walk only to crawl’’ ‘’That’s what it isRussia Since it’s Russia I lower my eyes to the floor at once I look at the fire And see The Idiot and Anna Karenina in flames I have to say they burn well In general books burn well Manuscripts go like gunpowder ‘’

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День опричникаBoth too disturbing to contemplate and too realistic to dismiss But like all of his best work Sorokin's new novel explodes with invention and dark humor A startling relentless portrait of a troubled and troubling empire Day of the Oprichnik is at once a richly imagined vision of the future and a razor sharp diagnosis of a country in crisi This was a very specific mix this book this creepy neo patriarchal grotesue somewhat scifi ish dystopia Satirical much sometimes very funny sometimes scary and violent and too true to be funny especially considering modern tendencies of Russian politics If you know Russian you should read it in original the language of this book is incredible and hm beautiful? yeah surprisingly it is And this little book will surprise you in many ways