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CosmopolisYhden päivän aikana yhdellä Manhattanin kadulla tapahtuva Cosmopolis on ainutlaatuinen ja unohtumaton romaani jossa kiteytyy se mikä on ajassamme olennaisinta vuotias Eric Packer lähtee miljoonan dollarin kattohuoneistostaan ja asettuu ylellisesti varustettuun valkoiseen limusiiniinsa Tänä huhtikuun päivänä vuonnahänellä on edessään kaksi. Pre Film ReviewI re read this novel before seeing David Cronenberg’s film see Post 21SPOILERSThis review reveals what I think about the fate of the protagonist at the end of the novelMy views are based on my interpretation of material that starts at page 55 of the 209 page novelIf this material or my interpretation is incorrect then the novel leaves you hanging at the endAs my views on the novel as a whole depend on an interpretation of the protagonist’s fate please don’t read my review if you want to form your own views in isolationMutual DedicationIn 1992 Paul Auster dediciated “Leviathan” to Don DeLilloIn 2003 DeLillo repaid the favour by dedicating “Cosmopolis” to AusterHere is a photo of the two of them on the left taken at the baseball with two employees of the Gotham Book Mart by the store’s ownerThe Name “Cosmopolis”We are all used to the word “cosmopolitan” but “cosmopolis” is less commonly usedTo the extent that the prefix “cosmo” suggests the world or the universe it implies that the city is representative of the diversity of the world or the universeWe can probably infer that the city is sophisticated and worldly has an international rather than provincial character and is home to many cosmopolitan peopleIf so the term would be a perfect description for New York City where the novel is setIt also applies to ancient Athens and Rome perhaps the original “world cities”Manhattan OdysseyThe novel is largely set in a long white limo that drives its protagonist 28 year old billionaire and hedge fund manager Eric Packer across ManhattanMost plot summaries describe the purpose of the journey as to enable Eric to get a haircutHowever this misses much of the narrative and metaphorical significance of the journey not to mention the haircutThe journey is or less the whole of the length of 47th Street which runs one way between 1st Ave and the West Side Highway called the Joe DiMaggio Highway since just before the publication of the novelClimbing Down from A Cosmopolitan Triplex in the HeavensAt the 1st Ave end you’ll find the United Nations Headuarters perhaps the centre of cosmopolitanismEric lives in a triplex close to 1st Ave The building is not named but the triplex supposedly cost Eric 104MAt the corner of 47th and 1st is the Trump World Tower which was completed in 2001The duplex penthouse in this building failed to sell for 58M and was eventually split into four units However as at 2003 the highest price for an apartment in Manhattan was the 70M paid by hedge fund manager Martin Zweig for a triplex at the Pierre Hotel owned by Lady Mary Fairfax of the Australian family that published the Sydney Morning Herald and Age newspapersEric’s purchase price represents a 50% increase on the highest price ever paid at the time You can do that if you're a billionaireAs you drive along 47th Street you pass the Diamond District a number of Broadway Theatres and Times SuareBetween 1963 and 1968 Andy Warhol’s Factory was on 47th Street between Second and Third Avesand Descending into Hell’s KitchenOn the West Side the Street passes into Hell’s Kitchen also known as Clinton not named after Bill or Midtown West not named after Mae the original home of Damon Runyo

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Siantuntijoita Välillä Eric lähtee autosta intiimiin tapaamiseen välillä hänen ei tarvitse lähteäCosmopolis on värikäs ja vauhdikas romaani DeLillon näkemys rahan kaikinpuolisesta vaikutuksesta kulttuuriimme on hätkähdyttävä Ja Eric Packer on myötätuntoa herättävä päähenkilö joka tajuaa oman inhimillisyytensä liian myöhäänTamm. A generous four stars for DeLillo's take on Cheever's story The Swimmer a mythic trip through midtown gridlock for a haircut a 28 year old master of the digitized finance universe right around the time of the dot com collapse Easy reading orderly clean compared to Players or Ratner's Star the last two DeLillo novels I read Worth it for uick observations about ATMs and the like An unreal ghost trip in a white stretch limo hopping on and off for meals sex at least four sessions with four different women a riot protest in Times Suare reminiscent of recent events a film shoot featuring a crowd of naked people playing dead Interestingly interspersed with two sections of the confession of our Bret Easton Ellis like anti hero's eventual killer providing just enough narrative drive An ironically audacious scene of touchless empathy intercourse to completion while a doctor palpates Eric's asymmetrical prostate Loved that he incorporated a common line of criticism his best songs were sensational and even the ones that were not good were good This isn't his best but it's still good or at least easy thoughtful fun and filled with perceptions rendered with total attention to the sound and vision of every phrase

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Free read Cosmopolis ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ [Reading] ➿ Cosmopolis Author Don DeLillo – Yhden päivän aikana yhdellä Manhattanin kadulla tapahtuva Cosmopolis on ainutlaatuinen ja unohtumaton romaani jossa kiteytyy se mikä on ajassamme olennaisinta28 vuotias Eric Packer lähtee 104 mil Tehtävää käydä toivotonta kauppaa jenillä ja leikkuuttaa tukkansa toisella puolen kaupunkiaEricin matka parturiin on todellinen tämän päivän odysseia Matkan keskeyttää presidentin autosaattue pop idolin hautajaiset elokuvan kuvaus ja raju mielenosoitus Autossa käy vieras toisensa perään turvallisuuden tekniikan terveyden ja rahoituksen a. The Problem of Language “It was a matter of silences not words”There are those who indict DeLillo on charges of criminal literary laziness but I would submit that actually what he possesses is an immense understanding of the limitations inherent in language as a mode of expression and while perhaps superficially a little ironic I would also submit that it is a crucial thing on which to have a grasp as a practitioner of the written word As evidenced by the overall pithiness refusal to go into territory that would most likely be discussed at a uantum mystics’ board meeting do they have board meetings and specifically the seemingly insignificant and infantile inuiries into linguistics and etymology he displays his hold on let me grab my thesaurus perspicacity not simple mindedness in these fields Our assigned protagonist Erobertic Packerson compulsively dwells on meanings of words Here he “pokes a note to himself about the anachronistic uality of the word skyscraper” and here asks his currency analyst Michael Chin “Why do we still have airports Why are they called airports” to which Michael esoterically replies “I know I can’t answer these uestions without losing your respect” which makes sense in that inexplicable kind of wayPerhaps what I am trying to do if I may provide some context from the past is defend the Hemingway tradition not that DeLillo's prose bears much resemblance to Papa's against the likes of Faulkner who shunned the former for not reuiring his readers to keep a dictionary within arm’s reach but it’s also something I am not merely or even necessarily saying that the easiest way to say something is the best way a literary Occam’s Razor but that some things can truly be so personal harrowing or bizarre as to postulate nothing than that most basic one word uestion for which even speechless animals know a head tilt would suffice DeLillo knows how to deal with complex issues using sparse poetic language Even Libertarians CouldAyn Rand ish elements may surface if the wrong pundit gets their hands on this book If DeLillo were of a blatant ideologue I haven’t a clue as to his political outlook it could be frantically asserted that he had foreseen what was going to happen in ‘Obama’s America’ People could be holding up copies as tea bags dangle from their colonial hats A book could be written entitled Don DeLillo Prophet of Currency How Don DeLillo Foresaw the Economic Collapse and the Ensuing Anti Capitalism Protests of Dangerous and Disorganized Liberal Rats Maybe in a few years Poetry Without Inference Our cosmic wonder is no mystical thing and with consciousness fleeting it is no wonder to desire that it be “saved from the void” The accumulated matter which we refer to as ourselves had its origins in stars that we have never seen and when it flows free once again we will likewise not bear witness to our former compositions’ many destinies No not dust in the wind Kerry Livgren and Native American poets but dust in the vast uantum chasm Or is the horror of immortality a cyclical event In what time of space do we strictly speaking even exist Don’t ask yourself these uestions as you read them It will only make you hate me Just for FunHere