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Hailed as the most compelling biography of the German dictator yet written Ian Kershaw's Hitler brings us closer than ever before to the heart of its subject's immense darkness From his illegitimate birth in a small Austrian village to his fiery death in a bunker under the Reich chancellery in Berlin Adolf Hitler left a murky trail strewn with contradictory tales and overgrown with self created myths One truth prevails the sheer scale of the evils that he unleashed on the world has made him a demonic figure without eual in the 20th centuryIan Kershaw' I've been reading about the Third Reich for most of my life and this book stands out in a number of regardsFirst it is an excellent biography Kershaw depends on some key sources August Kubizek's recollections; Goebbels's diaries; the memoirs and reports of Hitler's secretaries; Hitler's speeches to craft a rise and fall tale worthy of the best Greek dramas or Shakespeare I found myself being drawn into the life and thoughts of this awful protagonist and we can see the story play out the way it did even if this anti hero was totally incapable of doing so himself Blind to his ever increasing unbounded hubris Hitler created the conditions for his ultimate defeat as Kershaw's account makes crystal clear page after pageSecond it's a sound explanation of the Third Reich itself Kershaw subscribes to the interpretation which he repeats so often that it becomes a major theme that everyone in the Third Reich was working toward the Fuehrer I found this a compelling explanation of how the Third Reich came to be and how it operated It's difficult for me to separate the Third Reich from Hitler and this worked for me I found this convincing than the interpretation of Richard J Evans as demonstrated in The Coming of the Third Reich which works from a mirror viewpoint that Hitler was a product of Germany in the 1930s For some reason I can't see the Third Reich without Hitler and so Kershaw's thesis not original he admits but consistently demonstrated throughout his book made sense to me As Kershaw argues a conservative anti Versailles expansionist and even mildly anti semitic government may have come to Germany but Hitler seemed uniuely ready to bring his paranoid pathological genocidal hatred to Germany and to the world To understand how the war and the Holocaust happened you have to understand HitlerThird Kershaw's explanations of various aspects of the regime encapsulate much about WWII in Europe that teach a lot This book isn't just about Hitler's personal habits The development of the Holocaust the military successes and overwhelming failures the strategies and the foreign policy aspects and the neglect of the home front are all related well here Among the reasons for starting the disastrous Barbarossa campaign Hitler hoped to force Britain to the peace table by eliminating its sole possible continental partner; the flawed logic of this and many other military decisions is well told usually with fair mindedness I could uibble with some of Kershaw's technical details were those really the right tank types in Kursk on the northern shoulder? but on balance the bigger picture is stark terrible and transcendentIf you've read Goebbels's diaries or Speer's or von Manstein's memoirs much of what's related in this regard will seem familiar Yet Kershaw takes a critical stance toward those authors and is able to weave his own fresh narrative He maintains a historian's distance toward his sources but is also able to make very human judgments on the murderous war mongering regime All that said I found the last chapters not surprising and if you've seen the movie Downfall you'll have the highlights of Hitler's last days as much as we can knowAltogether if I had to recommend one book on the 1939 1945 war in Europe or on the Third Reich or on Hitler this would be it Kershaw delivers on all 3 angles I was riveted with every page and the book held my attention all the way to the endThe Kindle edition is well edited and as my understanding of this subject doesn't depend on maps photos or other images the book translates well to the Kindle format Also while I would have loved to check the footnotes as I went along they aren't in this edition

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Hitler A BiographyTs of the Right and the Left the hysteria that accompanied Hitler's seizure of power in 1933 and then mounted in brutal attacks by his storm troopers on Jews and others condemned as enemies of the Aryan race In an account drawing on many previously untapped sources Hitler metamorphoses from an obscure fantasist a drummer sounding an insistent beat of hatred in Munich beer halls to the instigator of an infamous failed putsch and ultimately to the leadership of a ragtag alliance of right wing parties fused into a movement that enthralled the German peop I found this book at times hard to read I have a good understanding of the course and effect of Hitler and the 2nd world war But felt that needed to try to understand why and how I still find it incredible that a man like Hitler managed to bring about such destructionI am now in my late 50's and I sit here now trying to comprehend the circumstances that came about to bring such an evil man to power so much hate in manWhen the author covers the early years up to and including the first world war made me wonder if Hitler wasn't in some ways on the ASD spectrum His total lack of empathy and friends no personality Unless he was ranting on about his own world view struck me that he had something decidedly wrong with him His rise to power and the total control he had over the country is beyond beliefThe set of circumstances coming together to allow this to happen is something that is still impossible to comprehend It is almost as if a greater power was at work that allowed it to happenAnd where did the evil that surround him come from do people like that exist in a normal civilization

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FREE READER ë DOC Hitler A Biography ↠ JOIN OR CREATE BOOK CLUBS ↠ ❰Ebook❯ ➧ Hitler: A Biography Author Join or create book clubs – Hailed as the most compelling biography of the German dictator yet written Ian Kershaw's Hitler brings us closer than evS Hitler brings us closer than ever before to the character of the bizarre misfit in his 30 year ascent from a Viennese shelter for the indigent to uncontested rule over the German nation that had tried and rejected democracy in the crippling aftermath of World War I With extraordinary vividness Kershaw recreates the settings that made Hitler's rise possible the virulent anti Semitism of prewar Vienna the crucible of a war with immense casualties the toxic nationalism that gripped Bavaria in the 1920s the undermining of the Weimar Republic by extremis This is a history of Hitler not of the third Reich It is uite readable and the author's style brings this evil man to life having read much about Hitler and this period of history i was surprised to learn so much Kershaw makes a judgment call on much of the rumors and post Hitler comments about his early life which I found most interestingI read other books by him and I find him to be a gifted historian who makes history not sound like a history book