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Beauty could do far worseBut Evie's proposal comes with a condition no lovemaking after their wedding night She will never become just another of the dashing libertine's callously discarded broken hearts which means Sebastian will simply have to work harder at his seductions or perhaps surrender his own heart for the very first time in the name of true lo 5 Stars AUDIO book review Sometimes the fractures in two separate souls become the very hinges that held them together Why? Why have I not read historical romance? Because if they're anything like this book? happy sighA ruthless immoral rake that does whatever he wants no matter the cost A beautiful wallflower in a desperate situation willing to make a deal with the devil This book was absolute perfectionThe narrator was fantastic with doing various accents and intonations which I loved My biggest complaint is when she did Sebastian's voice She made him sound like some sort of pompous ass villain from an episode of Monty Python It did manage to kill the mood at times admittedlyHowever I adored this story so much that I couldn't even be bothered to mind that I loved everything about it Watching Sebastian slowly and unwillingly fall for the beautiful Evie Watching Evie slowly grow into her own and become a strong and completely endearing heroineI'm going back and reading yes reading I don't think I can handle another pompous ass voiced hero LOL every other book in this series and the spin off because I need Cam's book If you haven't read many historicals like me and want to dip your toes in the genre you really can't go wrong with this one A beautiful touching and wonderfully written romance that will stay with me for a long timeFind me on

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Devil in WinterLibrarian's Note Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found here Four young ladies enter London society and band together to each find a husband Has the third Wallflower now met her match?A Devil's BargainEasily the shyest Wallflower Evangeline Jenner stands to become the wealthiest once her inheritance comes due Because she must first escape the clutches Not here for the fucking trolls any Find the full review on my blog if you want to come at me

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eBook ☆ Devil in Winter 368 pages ✓ eyltransferservices à [Download] ➾ Devil in Winter ➼ Lisa Kleypas – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Librarian's Note Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found here Four young ladies enter London society and band together to each find a husband Has the third Of her unscrupulous relatives Evie has approached the rake Viscount St Vincent with a most outrageous proposition marriageSebastian's reputation is so dangerous that thirty seconds alone with him will ruin any maiden's good name Still this bewitching chit appeared unchaperoned on his doorstep to offer her hand Certainly an aristocrat with a fine eye for 5 Reformed Rake Stars SpoilersDevil in Winter was AMAZING I loved it It's my favorite book of the series Evie and Sebastian's story was even better than I expected and I expected a lot From beginning to end it captivated me The plot was entertaining The hero and heroine charming and their love epic Devil in Winter is now tied with Seduce Me at Sunrise for my favorite Lisa Kleypas book “I’m offering to marry you” she said “I want your protection My father is too ill and weak to help me and I will not be a burden to my friends I believe they would offer to harbor me but even then I would always have to be on guard fearing that my relations would manage to steal me away and force me to do their will An unmarried woman has little recourse socially or legally It isn’t f fairbut I can’t afford to go tilting at windmills I need a h husband You need a rich wife And we are both eually desperate which leads me to believe that you will agree to my pr proposition If so then I should like to leave for Gretna Green tonight Now I’m certain that my relations are already looking for me” Evie Sebastian was absolutely delicious and swoon worthy in every way My God he was perfect He was a sexy charming dirty talking beast OMG the things he would say Damn but he could melt the panties off a nun Sebastian wasn't just a sexy rake there was so much depth to him I loved how protective possessive and caring he was with Evie He tried to act like he was a villain that didn't care for nothing but his actions always showed what a great guy he was Evie was a perfect match for Sebastian I loved the growth she goes through in this book A super shy stuttering wallflower at the start Evie really comes into her own Evie discovering her self worth and being brave enough to love Sebastian was a wonderful thing to read Sebastian and Evie's love story was a beautiful one It's one of those stories that sticks with you long after you have finished the book There was such a strong connection between them Watching them both slowing lower their walls and start to love and respect each other I loved the way Sebastian supported his wife and took care of her Even from the start he set out to make her feel special and protected her And I loved how Evie made him work for it She didn't just fall into bed with the sexy rake She let him know she wasn't just going to be one of his many bed partners “I want to fill every part of youbreathe the air from your lungsleave my handprints on your soul I want to give you pleasure than you can bear I want to make love to you Evie as I have never done with anyone before” Sebastian You can s send me away but you can't stop me from running back to you I want to spend every day with you I want to watch you shave in the morning I want to drink champagne and dance with you I want to mend the holes in your stockings I want to share a bed with you every night and to have your children EvieBesides the awesome relationship between Evie and Sebastian in this book you have the supportive and sweet friendship of the wallflowers I loved how all the women stand by one another The way the other women came through for Evie even thought they didn't like her husband I also loved how Westcliff and Sebastian started to rebuild their friendship You know after Sebastian kidnapped Westcliff's wife Pff water under the bridge lol I enjoyed this book so much I think I have a touch of book hangover I am on to Daisy's book and though I'm sure I will enjoy it I think this book will go down as my favorite of the series“Ah Evie” she heard him say softly “I must have a heart after allbecause right now it aches like the devil” “Only your heart?” she asked ingenuously making him laugh He lowered her to the bed his eyes sparkling wickedly “Also a few other things” he conceded “And as my wife it’s your duty to ease all my aches” Sebastian and Evie