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Determined to Win The Overcoming Spirit of Jean Driscoll Ebook ✓ 224 pages Download  Eyltransferservices ì ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Determined to Win The Overcoming Spirit of Jean Driscoll Author Jean Driscoll – Since Ion to training and racing Jean serves as a corporate spokesperson for Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc As a motivational speaker she delights in sharing her Dream Big Work Hard message at conventions corporations schools and with the mediaNow in trade paperback Determined to Win chronicles Jean's journey from physical paralysis to true spiritual freed Not a long read and very simple However a beautiful and inspirational story A uniue experience to read this book because I know Jean and we share a similar background in that we both have spina bifida Combined with recently having watched Against the Wind this is about world class athleticism and not overcoming disability

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Since 1990 Jean Driscoll has been one of the most inspiring leaders in women's sports Her tenacity for winning at women's wheelchair racing has delivered her into the record books and her charisma and enthusiasm for life has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide Best known for her eight victories at the Boston Marathon and her two Olympic sil This book was outstanding I am not a big fan of reading but it was an extra credit assignment to find a non fiction book and read and annotate it I was walking through the library at my school and this book caught my eye I had second thoughts about it but I checked it out I really did not know what the book would entail and not really excited to sit down and read a straight factual book That is not what happened It was a beautiful story about the childhood athletic life and accomplish of Jean Driscoll I loved it I really connected to Jean when she was so excited to ride a bike to the first time and when she got her very own I remember that I always use to steal my brother's to ride around in the backyard When I got my very own pick bike with flames on it for my birthday I showed every single person who came to my house for weeks What I think is very important about this book is the lessons it teaches Determination and Courage Jean was determined to do anything she put her mind to despite other's comments and how she had the courage to put those comments aside and use them as motivation to reach her goals I feel that this book is open to all ages because there is nothing wrong with the language and it teaches great life lessons to anyone who reeds it Overall Amazing Book

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Determined to Win The Overcoming Spirit of Jean DriscollVer medals 1992 1996 Jean has inspired both men and women athletes and non athletes and those with and without physical disabilities She's been featured on Good Morning America ABC Nightline and the Today Show and twice in USA Today A documentary highlighting Jean's life story Against the Wind has aired on over 400 PBS stations nationwide In addit In less than two weeks I finished reading Jean Driscoll's book Determined to Win The Overcoming Spirit of Jean Driscoll The book is a page turner I Each chapter has its own story And each story offers learning worthy to share the world I admire Jean Driscoll's perseverance and dedication to achieve her dreams and be a success Her overcoming spirit has led her to the journey she belongs Jean was born with Spina Bifida She can’t walk like normal kids do She was restricted to certain activities that kids of her age are enjoying She has been to debacles and discouragement brought by the disability She even gave up pursuing her dreams and living her life as she was engulfed by the thought of being inutile However despite the deterrent and restrictions of living the life she ever wanted Jean has gained everything she deserved through dedication determination and belief to God At April 2000 Jean Driscoll won a record breaking the 8th time Boston Marathon Winner and was proclaimed as the ueen of the HillThis book struck me Jean having Spina Bifida achieved so much in life So who I am to give up? Who I am to complain about everything?Determination is the key Winning is the goal If we put our focus to the goal with the determination to succeed it will happen As Jean said “I believe the biggest limitations we have are the ones we place on ourselves or the ones we allow others to place on us” Never set limitations instead explore possibilities that would show the way to achieving success Our biggest nemesis is ourselves our thoughts People would already label and constrain our victory Yet we must not live within it because we can do The only way to discover our capabilities is to try experiment fail learn and pursue Keep focus on the goal avoid people who bring you down it not a loss and get surrounded by the ones that push you up Like Jean Driscoll let us all be determined to win and become a success in our uniue stories