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Destined for Dreams characters ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❰Read❯ ➮ Destined for Dreams Author Ginna Moran – Seventeen year old Nadia Petrov is an outcast in her tight knit community of people with special abilities Nadia must invade people’s dreams to survive SheLationship with him in the dream Destined for PDF world and they find solace through each other Unable to accept a love fated for dreams Nadia must risk losing the safety of her community to help Hunter get back to his body before he’s lost forev. Review of Destined for Dreams by Ginna MoranI got the book from the author and Paranormal Romance Authors That Rock in exchange for an honest reviewDestined for Dreams is the first book in a series full of mystery paranormal beings danger betrayal and a touch of young but everlasting long called Destined for Dreams First of all I have to say this book is pretty uniue I have read a lot of books about shifters vampires fairies and other mythological creatures However the good books about people with special abilities are uite a rare find I am pleased to confess this one is one of them The story talks about Nadia a girl that lives on a community full of people that have a special ability They are called the supers and their main purpose of their community is to aid and shelter each other because there are others out there that might not accept them just the way they are Being a super would mean that Nadia would feel safe and happy with others like her however she sees herself as nothing but a monster The reason She needs turn people’s dreams into nightmares in order to survive That is her special ability her nature and it can’t be denied She is bound to the night and nightmares and there is nothing she can do about it or so she thought What she didn’t know is that things would change forever once she tried to give a nightmare a new girl at her compoundHunter is trapped inside Jaueline’s head What young man wouldn’t want to be 247 in the head of a girl Well Hunter really wishes he wasn’t because he is literally a prisoner inside it Jaueline is a Redeemer a Sin Eater if you prefer She looks into the very core of the soul and watches anyone’s wrongdoing or sin and gives them redemption However no one is perfect She should have never taken Hunter’s soul for redemption because he didn’t need it As punishment for taking a pure soul Jacueline will remain with Hunter trapped in her head until she can return him to his body or he frees himselfor dies Not the better scenario for our hero right What he didn’t expect was that in the middle of this horrible situation he will might the one that would change his life foreverNadia meets Hunter inside of Jaueline’s head and even when she shouldn’t she decides to keep meeting him in the dream world Nadia has been protected all her life by the super community and knows better than to defy them On the other hand Hunter has always being told to stay away from the super He grew thinking that they are monster Nonetheless both of them will teach each other that the world isn’t black and white but a hell of a grey All this changes of heart and mind are told by Hunter and Nadia I must confess I have a thing for first person narration because sometimes it helps you connect deeper with the characters of the book This was one of those cases I really felt this book was pretty good because it gave the necessary amount of information to comprehend the situation the characters were in To some point it felt realistic even though it has a strong charge of paranormal themes However I felt it needs to strengthen a little the action scenes

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Nto horrifying nightmares When a new girl arrives at her compound Nadia can’t resist giving the girl a nightmare In the dream world Nadia discovers Hunter Sullivan a soul trapped in the girl’s mind Intrigued by Hunter Nadia secretly builds a re. RATING 5 STARSNadia Petrov has a uniue ability as a nightmare creator This is what she has to do to survive Hunter was raised to destroy people with these types of abilities However Hunter is presently trapped in someone’s head and Nadia came across him one night and can’t help but to keep going back She's drawn to him and despite their polar opposite upbringings they discover many similarities between themGinna’s created relatable characters with so much depth it’s impossible not to connect with their voices and feel everything that Nadia and Hunter are feeling every morsel of conflict love It’s an extraordinarily well written YA paranormal tale that you can’t help but sink into your comfy chair and just devour in one sitting Keri

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Destined for DreamsSeventeen year old Nadia Petrov is an outcast in her tight knit community of people with special abilities Nadia must invade people’s dreams to survive She sneaks into sleeping victims’ rooms slips into their heads and then turns their dreams i. A new and upcoming young author has burst on the scene with a Young Adult Paranormal offering that leaves you spooked enough to make you think twice about a good night’s sleep Ginna Moran has reached into a world filled with people who have genetic special abilities especially psychological ones How does one function in the normal world when you are not “normal” Well you don’t very well especially if your abilities are super paranormal The human population of this future earth wasn’t so comfortable with this group of “super” being eitherWith the telling of the story of four young people who seek to find a safe haven in a world that is on edge because of human fear of their paranormal abilities mistakes happen lives are lost and the least likely of people find bonds of friendship and even love as they seek to save the soul of one friend who otherwise will be lost foreverWhat strikes me most about this novel is that these four young people who have very little in common except for their uniueness come together in such a tight bond to protect and aid each other as the world continues to close in on them Even with their potential deadly differences they come to care for each other and reach beyond their own fears and concerns as two of the principal characters circumstances continue to deteriorate What each of the characters craves most is to “belong” to “be accepted” to be “loved” for who they are Though a universal theme Ginna presents it in such a way as to be appealing to not just the younger audience she wrote this for but to a wider audience For we all know and understand that longing and need for acceptance and friendship and can easily identify with the angst and terror that the characters are feeling as the story progresses The twisted kink of the love interest being between a soul living in the mind of a Sin Eater and a Nightmare Inflictor is truly original The only time they can communicate is when the Nightmare Inflictor enters the Sin Eater’s dreams to visit and talk to the Innocent Soul that was inadvertently trapped The interpersonal dynamics between the four main characters is complex as the Soul Eater is not aware that the other two girls know about the guy who lives in her head and in turn she is not aware of the Nightmare Inflictor’s ongoing invasion of her dreams I was thankful when I reached the last page of the book for I knew I would be soon reading the continuing story of this interesting set of friends in a turned upside down world Though the story is complex and intricate the underlying story of the power of friendship and the fight for right is straight forward and powerful I see great promise for the entire series as it unfolds and we come to know and appreciate each of the characters of this debut novel betterI would definitely recommend Destined for Dreams by Ginna Moran Rating FOUR STARS