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summary Dead Reaping Zombie Armageddon #5 ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF â ❰Ebook❯ ➩ Dead Reaping Zombie Armageddon #5 Author Ian Woodhead – In a world where secrets are best keptThe Dead The Tainted The HumanAll fighting to keep their place in the world The DeReaping Zombie Armageddon Epub #224 humanity they have lost Will Maddie have the strength to survive and protect Or will all humanity be lo. I would actually give this book a 4½ star rating if it was allowed“Dead Reaping” was the first book by Ian Woodhead that I’ve read but will not be the last This is book 5 in the Zombie Apocalypse series but could almost be read as a standalone If there was some sort of a glossary and maybe a little background story it would have made it easier to readThe idea of dead tainted and “none of the above” is a novel approach to zombie books I’m still not sure where hunters fit in those classes And climbers Holy crap Baby zombies who can climb across the ceiling That is just really creepy Good job IanThere was a point where I was having difficulty with the story hence the rating The whole JamesLee storyline lost me I’m not sure how they fit into the book but perhaps reading the other books in the series will help me fill in the blanksI fully intend to read the other books in this series and if the bits that left me wondering are explained I have no problem revisiting this review and bumping it up to 5 starsThe author provided a complimentary copy in return for my fair and impartial reviewbut I already had the first three books in the ZA series in my “To Be Read” list

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In a world where Zombie Armageddon PDF #201 secrets are best keptThe Dead The Tainted The HumanAll fighting to keep their place in the worl. If you see any of my other reviews you will know that I usually really enjoy Mr Woodheads warped mind and the things it produces however this novel got me a bit confusedThe Zombie Armageddon series is becoming something else entirely which is great I love twistsNot uite sure how the other reviews to date have managed to read so much into the musings of Mr Woodhead about society but if I missed the plot then I obviously missed a great trick and Mr Woodhead is a geniusTwo new venues and several new characters are brought in via this chapeter; a walled city and a monestary Why in the Zompoc is a new citycommunity never Utopia its always a hellish condensed version of nowNow instead of surviours we have The Tainted with several strange new abilitieshealing mind reading and what elseIs this merely an evolution just a very painful one who knows maybe Mr WoodheadNow the basic chugs along nicely with some exceptionally gruesome descriptions ala Woodhead styleHowever it was the format of the novel that got me confused and not really enjoying this as much as I would have liked Lots of new changes since the last chapter with no real explanation of time line or howwhy these things are happening So many new characters that seem to start off mid way through their story eg The Abbot and Our Lady little snippets of info given much later in the book did not really do it for me It meant I did not bond with the main players or with the story like I normally doHowever this is will not stop me eagerly awaiting the next intstallmentI just hope there are some explanations as to whowherewhy and what

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Dead Reaping Zombie Armageddon #5D Dead Reaping eBook #180 The Defence Force fights for humanity while the Dead Hunters are on the rise to create and army to take back the. Review of Dead Reaping Zombie Armageddon by Ian Woodhead5 starsMr Woodhead’s zombies are among the most twisted I have ever encountered which makes them winners in my perspective as zombies I won’t call the author twisted but he surely does know how to write this type of character and he must have spent his life to date in close observation of humanity in all its stripes because he surely does know character delineation For example “Dead Reaping” excellently exposes small village insularity the bigotry the “Us against Them” mentality the arrogance and egotism notice The Magistrate but also the foot soldiers some of the neighbors and others Classism species racism humans vs the dead humans vs the “tainted” dead vs tainted “hunters” vs tainted “climbers” vs humans and the usual let’s live on the lowest common denominator of human decency found all too often in contemporary societyIt can’t be easy for any author to find something new and original to say on the Zombie subject or for that matter vampires or shifters either but Ian Woodhead without fail always does his Zombies are distinctly different just wait till you read about the Abbott and his merry men; or “Our Lady” and her preternatural prophesying and metaphysical connection to the “tainted Each time I finish one of his stories I just think I’m finished but actually I want to go back immediately and read it again