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Download Daughters of the Samurai Book ↠ Þ Join or create book clubs º ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Daughters of the Samurai: A Journey from East to West and Back Author Join or create book clubs – Nimura paints history in cinematic strokes and brings a forgotteNimura paints history in cinematic strokes and brings a forgotten story to vivid unforgettable life ―Arthur Golden author of Memoirs of a GeishaIn 1871 five young girls were sent by the Japanese government to the United States Their mission learn Western ways and return to help nurture a new generation of enlightened men to lead JapanRaised in traditional samurai households during the turmoil of civil war three of these unusual ambassadors―Sutematsu Janice P Nimura’s wonderful book opens in 1871 with the empress of Japan dispatching three clueless girls Sutematsu Yamakawa age eleven; Shige Nagai ten; and Ume Tsuda six to the United States Their task was an almost impossible one to learn the ways of the West so that their knowledge could be passed on to other Japanese women Their journey lasted ten yearsNimura paints vivid portraits of each of the girls the smart overachiever Sutematsu the arty Shige the spoiled Ume Two of the three end up at Vassar with Sutematsu becoming the first Japanese woman to earn a American college degreeBut back in Japan they found a world turned upside down“They were each of them purebred daughters of the samurai” the author writes “they became hybrid by nurture” not at home in America or their native Japan“I cannot tell you how I feel” Sutematsu said upon stepping foot in her native country “but I should like to give one good scream”Highly recommended

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Connection Ten years later they returned to Japan―a land grown foreign to them―determined to revolutionize women’s educationBased on in depth archival research in Japan and in the United States including decades of letters from between the three women and their American host families Daughters of the Samurai is beautifully cinematically written a fascinating lens through which to view an extraordinary historical moment Map; 8 pages of illustrations I am very interested in works about this one's period as I write about Oriental fansfor export which became at the time very fashionable in Europe I even offereda copy to a famous American fellow investigator Thomas DeLeo One ofthe photos in the book Sutematsu circa 1888 I believe however is wrongly datedbeing from around eight years later 1896 In summary an excellent work

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Daughters of the Samurai A Journey from East to West and BackYamakawa Shige Nagai and Ume Tsuda―grew up as typical American schoolgirls Upon their arrival in San Francisco they became celebrities their travels and traditional clothing exclaimed over by newspapers across the nation As they learned English and Western customs their American friends grew to love them for their high spirits and intellectual brillianceThe passionate relationships they formed reveal an intimate world of cross cultural fascination and