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New. I have mixed feelings about this book Certainly some good thinking and writing and I thought it got better as I got into it I don't feel everything that is Daimonic can be explained Harpur's way though But it's good to read things with a different perspective

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Daimonic Reality A Field Guide to the OtherworldNew. The author takes the reader on a complex but fascinating journey into his assessment of UFOs fairies elves gnomes and even 'crop circles' and the like arguing these visions all share a common source a source that is both devoid of physical substance yet able to project a degree of physicality As well stated by other reviewers the author weaves together many documented sightings of all of these mysterious entities offering an explanation steeped in Jungian philosophy of the 'collective unconscious' and 'archetypes' the writings of ancient Greeks Romantic poets and writers and others to make his case These visions are both 'real' and 'unreal' in a strictly materialistic sense They emanate from the 'world soul' and the individual counterpart the intuitive ego They are an integral part of our existence which manifest themselves in different guises based upon the prevailing culture of the percipientsIn order to fully appreciate this rather scholarly work although it is not stuffy and dry it would be beneficial for the reader to have a good basic handle on the works of Jung John Keel who believed UFOs and other enigmatic visions were 'ultraterrestrials' or 'elementals' the works of Dr Jacues Vallee including his books 'Passport to Magonia' and most all 'Dimentions' Christian doctrine Greek mythology and perhaps cultural anthropology If armed with such a background the work makes a lot of sense and gives the reader much to contemplate In addition a very similar take on this topic can be found in Keith Thompson's 'Angels and Aliens UFOs and the Mythic Imagination'Does it resolutely answer the uestion particularly with regard to the UFO phenomenon Not for me Like other works seeking to provide a 'solution' the book offers up selective examples When an obscure British 'UFO sighting' for example is determined to be simply the moon the implication is that such perceptual errors are the norm The author also states that UFO sightings as well as photos and videos are ephemeral somewhat like ghosts and are never seen in such a way as to provide perspective; they aren't seen in relation to buildings or other material objects That may have been so when the book was published but in the years since there has been an explosion of photos and videos sometimes taken by many different people with different cameras He fails to adeuately explain the solid physicality of the enigma Also puzzling is the idea brought forth by others as well that the phenomenon expresses itself based upon the culture; that UFOs are just the contemporary image If this is so then why are there so many images from antiuity paintings cave drawings coins etc that show what appear to be when seen by modern eyes UFOs Such objects would have no meaning to people in early history so they became 'flaming shields' and so onWithin the context of Mr Harpur's work the points raised above flow from the 'rational ego' holding dominance While this may be the case it is an unavoidable aspect of the human conditionFor those with a truly open mind the book can provide a fascinating perspective uite far apart from the usual theories I found that after reading the book I felt a near compulsion to revisit the early works 1940s and 50s of Meade Layne His notion of what he called 'etherians' or higher intelligences existing in higher vibrational 'planes' able to slip into and out of our word by changing their rate of vibration from denser to less dense becomes compelling as a modelWhile I do not feel the author has solved these mysteries I can't emphatically say he is wrong I can however emphatically state that this is an important work well worth reading You may agree or disagree but it will make you think

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REVIEW ß Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld ☆ [Download] ➿ Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld ➻ Patrick Harpur – NewNewNew NewNewNew.New. what a scholarly and fascinating take on the things that go bump in the night skies and landswhen the ufohigh strangeness phenomenons are analyzed by this author it all becomes clearer understandable and consumablehis conclusions are far from the popular memethis read is highly recommendedhow did I hear about itfrom a dr john e mack lecturehe was all over it