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FREE MOBI ë DOC D DAY Through German Eyes The Hidden Story of June 6th 1944 Ù [PDF / Epub] ☆ D DAY Through German Eyes - The Hidden Story of June 6th 1944 Author Holger Eckhertz – This new paperback edition contains Book One and Book Two of this series revealing tE 6th We see a perspective of D Day which deserves to be added to the historical record in which ordinary German troops struggled to make sense of what was facing them and emerged stunned at the weaponry and sheer determination of the Allied troops Above all we now have the unheard human voices of the individual German soldiers the men who are so often portrayed as a faceless ma A brilliant read I got through it in no time I've always wanted to learn about the German experience on D Day the movies just can't be bothered to humanise the Wehrmacht Not all German soldiers in WWII were evil murderers In fact I'd take a guess hardly any of them were So this book proved to be an extremely informative and intriguing readAhh but then after finishing all 330 pages it soon became clear there are serious doubts about the author's credentials; his grandfather's existence; the existence of the original German text; the authenticity of supposed British war atrocities including the Raid On St Nazarre and the decapitation by barbed wire of German sentry guards by Commandos; the exact location of several POW camps in America the records of named German soldiers defending the Atlantic Wall; the records of the propaganda magazines supposedly written for by said author's grandfather; and the historical existence of a Nazi superweapon that could have obliterated thousands of allied troops in one single blast waveSo it now seems I may have actually read a very good novel about D Day rather than anything factual And also uite possibly a racist novel at that considering in hindsight we British are consistently trashed upon with tales of murder viciousness untrustworthyness and being worse captors than the AmericansSo a brilliant book when first read Now possibly an utterly dishonest pile of Shame

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Man defenders what were their thought processes and how did they fight from one strong point to another among the dunes and fields on that first cataclysmic day? This book sheds fascinating light on these uestions bringing together statements made by German survivors after the war when time had allowed them to reflect on their state of mind their actions and their choices of Jun This book is complete FICTION Other reviewers have already pointed out that there is no evidence to show that the author’s grandfather was ever a military journalist which was when he supposedly first made contact with these units The book also looks like it is self published and contains no endorsements from reputable historians If it was genuine it would have been snapped up by one of the major publishers who specialise in this area In many places the text is unconvincing especially book two and the story about the German battery officer at the Merville battery flatly contradicts the first hand accounts from Lt Col Otway who led the paratroopers who had been tasked to attack it This German battery officer says the he saw a crashed glider within the perimeter and that the guns in the bunker were 10cm calibre and that once the British left the site they were fired on by the remaining troops in the bunker complex Otway as recorded in numerous books including Dawn of D Day by David Howarth reports that he saw the 3 gliders assigned to land in the complex descend but because the signal euipment had been lost he couldn’t confirm the attack and he saw them fly off to land elsewhere He also says that the bunker guns were old French 75mms taken from the Maginot Line When the British left he reports that there were no remaining Germans in the bunker site and that it was fired upon by another German bunker position when they realised that the Merville position had been taken

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D DAY Through German Eyes The Hidden Story of June 6th 1944This new paperback edition contains Book One and Book Two of this series revealing the hidden side of D Day which has fascinated readers around the worldAlmost all accounts of D Day are told from the Allied perspective But what was it like to be a German soldier in the bunkers of the Normandy coast facing the onslaught of the mightiest invasion in history? What motivated the Ger As a longtime travel journalist and someone who was born in London back in the days when Great Britain was fighting for her life WW2 and because I've always been well mesmerized by various aspects of the Nazi military machine I found this uniue intriguing fascinating book totally awesome I have countless books about WW2 and almost 98% of them are written from the British American and Canadian point of view Few are written about the GermanNazi view To have a book like this in one's collection is a goldmine The fact that these ARE first hand unvarnished words from soldiers who were ACTUALLY there is priceless A cliché phrase for sure but this riveting book is a page turner I read it cover to cover in 3 days As it encompasses mostly the events in Normandy it was for me as mesmerizing as a flickering neon sign because as a journalist I've been to Normandy 5 times There's another aspect to this brilliant book that makes it even compelling the words and thoughts comes from military men TEN years AFTER the event Why is that important? Well it gives the person relating his experiences 10 years to think about and in many cases VIVIDLY remember how awful terrible and beyond comprehension the fight was How mentally disturbing it is to come face to face with the enemy and know it is either you or him Even if you are not interested in WW2 and even if you don't like the German military of that era this is still a Must Buy book as it provides an absolutely fascinating insight into how human beings face being in combat I wish there were many books like this My photo shows French schoolchildren visiting the famous Pointe du Hoc June 2004