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Read & Download CockyBoys 2021 (Calendars 2021) ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ì ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ CockyBoys 2021 (Calendars 2021) Author Jake Jaxson – Cosmopolitan once described CockyBoys as an erotic version of One Direction And it’s true All youCosmopolitan once described CockyBoys as an erotic version of One Direction And it’s true All you love about boy bands you will find erotically charged in CockyBoys The internationally renowned brand receives media attention from outlets such as Cosmopolit. To sell a calendar I guess you’d want to appeal to the widest audience knowing you can’t make them all happy Of the twelve men in it there are only two that I would never show an interest in in real life so they did a good job for me Yes all months have full frontal nudity What I really like about the men chosen for the calendar is that none are “perfect” I’m assuming based on the names of the men that they are adult video actors It’s all about camera angles but looks as though only one or two are well endowed which is than enough As a gay man I’m than tired of only seeing guys with everythingbody looks and large endowment this is refreshing I’d like it to be average joes used as the models The only thing that makes this a calendar is the days and numbers at the bottom If you’re like me and like to write all over the date suares this is not the calendar for you there is no room to write but you’re not buying this to keep track of your dental appointments are you The uality of the paper is good it’s card stock not just sheets of paper It’s semi gloss finish so there is a glare but not bad

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An The Village Voice and New York magazine Photographers Jake Jaxson RJ Sebastian get the best out of the sweet boys with their fresh unspoiled faces CockyBoys is art house erotica with a happy twist and particularly famous among women They have built a huge. perfect time awesome service

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CockyBoys 2021 Calendars 2021Community of millennial women and gay men With a great presence on social media the CockyBoys performers are directly in touch with their fans all over the world You’ll have lots of fun each month just by looking at this very sexy calendar that has them a. Wish there would have been detail to the calendar