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Clay's Way A Novel characters ↠ 107 è ➭ [Ebook] ➨ Clay's Way A Novel By Blair Mastbaum ➹ – Set against the dazzling backdrop of Hawaii's Oahu and Kauai islands Clay's Way seethes with energy and hormonally charged nihilism For 15 year old Sam a wanna be punk rocker who writes bad haiku poet Set against the dazzling backdrop of Hawaii's Oahu and Kauai islands Clay's Way seethes with energy and hormonally charged nihilism For year old Sam a wanna be punk rocker who writes bad haiku poetry his middle class suburban life feels like a prison Mist. Watch out for spoilersI was doing lots of affort not to rate this 1 starAfter reading As Meat Loves Salt a gay romance about some serious obssesion I told myself there is no one who is as insane addictive to another man as was Jacob It was some serious stuff Then I read this and discover Jacob #2 Only worseIn fact I was trying to understand what the hell I was reading all over the novel especially during the third part The way I see it CLAY'S WAY is about two gay youths who are madly desire for each other but they need to struggle some mad facts about themself For one thing Clay hates himself terribley because he loves other dudes He hates himself so much he tried to kill himself Secondly this Sam guy who developed some massive obbsession towards Clay He did so many things I frowned during reading It was disgusting Anyway they share huge problems They share everything even violence Everything but love They never loved each otherBefore I make a mess about what I feel right now let's face what I loved about it Obviously and the main reason for me to want it at the first place the fact they both grew up in Hawaii Come on I never read about these islands Who would not want to read about a love story in HawaiiThat's it The rest about it is pure filth I never liked neither of Clay or Sam They share the same features and it never happenes Sometimes it occured to my head they are actually the same person or something They are both extremely violent extremely mentalley challeneged and of course they both need help They need to be locked up in a mentally ill institutionI did not like the fact Sam kept on naiively thinking he loves Clay but as the matter of fact he never loved him in the first place He had done so crazy things I could not believe I actually read it or that people actually are capable of doing it in realty He leaves Clay alone on an island maybe brain damaged and take over his life Takes his mother's money harasses some girl and out of everything exposes Clay's darkeset secrest infront of the whole world What the hell Who does that Who spies on the person they love and hide in their room while the other person is having a moment with another girl Sam is also actually rapes Clay in his sleep What the actual fuck was I readingI am very confused about whatever happened on the island Let me get it straigt or at least trying Clay is messing another boy infront of Sam Sam hates the guy and then out of the blue decides to be attracted to him and sleep with him Clay discover the whole thing and run off to kill himself He is back alive to claim he became his spirit animal the other life and makes Sam's name a tattoo on his arm Then he runs off again to find some answers and Sam is back in town decides to be Clay Clay is coming back himself again and punch Sam in the face End of story Honestly I do not understand It does not make any sense Why the hell Clay's mom acted all along with Sam What in the name of god happened to Clay on the island Anyway it was pretty confising I also hated the language and it affected me wrongly It was all cursing and very bad Sam is supposed to be a poet but he never acts like one I wish for characters in the novel because it was too much of everything It was too much Many times I wanted to stop reading because it was so ridiculous The whole story was unbelievable and I wanted to puke I hated it

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F their young lives year old Blair Mastbaum Clay's Way ePUB #241 graduated from the University of California Berkeley with a degree in fine arts He was a fashion model for six years and now lives in Beverly Hills where he is hard at work on his second nov. This terrific debut novel turns the typical teenage coming out story on its ear by portraying its sixteen year old narrator Sam as completely self loathing in every respect except with regard to his sexuality which he treats with extreme matter of factness In many ways he is the typical rebellious teen he hates his folks his life his appearance is forever trying on different looks and identities in an awkward effort to express his individuality but as the book follows his faltering romance and subseuent obsession with Clay a hip and attractive local surfer Sam turns into something sinister He goes beyond garden variety teen stalking and in a sense actually attempts to become his lover Clay is Sam's polar opposite in every way he is completely comfortable in his own skin except for his inablity to acknowledge his homosexuality Mastbaum has beautifully captured his teen narrator's voice; Sam is a fully realized authentic character Although you may find yourself cringing in places it is difficult not to sympathize with him even as he strays dangerously into Travis BickleRupert Pupkin territory I read this book in one day with very few breaks On the one hand this is a testament to how uickly the writing engaged me but on the other it also gave rise to my only complaint Reading Sam's insistent almost relentless and highly emotive ranting in such concentration was a lot like taking a long train ride with a hopped up louacious youngster completely exhausting Still very original and full of life Recommended for the younger set

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Clay's Way A NovelAking lust for fate Sam becomes obsessed with Clay a year old surfer outwardly cool but eually adrift The violence and tumult of Clay's search for identity propels him with desperately confused Sam in his wake through the hardest decisions and obstacles o. It’s official I hate Clay I enjoyed reading this book Susan is sweet Sam is an ass