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text ☆ City of Bones Ö Cassandra Clare When fifteen year old Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemonium Club in New York City she hardly expects to City of PDF witness a murder― much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered with strange tattoos and brandishing bizarre weapons Then the body disappears into thin air It's hard to call the police when the murd Wow I was reading some reviews on this and people either hate or love it I am not ashamed to say I belong to the latter Lots of opinions means there is lots of things to sayOk so I was practically splitting my head open thinking of what exactly I wanted to say about this book In the end I just decided to go with what comes to mind So here it goesClare does a superb job of drawing you in Maybe the plot isn't completely uniue but the world she created is I kept telling myself this is sooooooooooo interesting The whole shadowhunter thing oozes with coolness I mean half angel half kick butt people It doesn't get much cooler than that The story is full of action and yes sometimes there are things added for dramatic effect but isn't that the point If you were looking for something slow paced read The Mill on the Floss personally I'd rather pull hair then read this but moving onI'm a sucker for action seuences so this totally delivered on that front The author's take on werewolves was original and I gotta say they give the vampires a run for their money I actually guessed most of the twists but that's some of the fun Finding the hints and feeling the satisfaction of saying YES Score for me I got it right Let's do a little victory dance Insert some break dancing moves I personally cannot do here I think some people didn't get that guessing the twists is all part of the experienceSome people claimed all of this to be fluff but I don't agree Just look at Jace The whole feeling about belonging has depth to it Now for why I knocked off a star even though I REALLY didn't want to I thought Clary would be shocked about finding out her history You'd think with how much her mother pounded in to her that there was not such thing as magic she would resist the whole idea Also I think the author tried to introduce too many fantasy creatures at once Like the scene at Magnus Bane house was overdone for my taste We could have done without so many new faces Those are just little irks though my main one was Valentine I know this is going to sound outrageous but Valentine wasn't bad enough for me I shouldn't feel this way looking at his track record he is evil The thing is I wasn't scared of him A good villain has got to be scary plain and simple I'm hoping to see evilness in him in the next bookWell I think I've said enough I'm so glad I'm reading this series after all the books are out I totally expect to be blown away by the next installmentLater added Guess what guys They are making a movie and here is the trailer

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City of Bones doc ☆ Hardcover read ´ cassandra clare ✓ [PDF / Epub] ✅ City of Bones Author Cassandra Clare – When fifteen year old Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemonium Club in New York City she hardly expects to witness a murder― much less a murder committed by three t Erers are invisible to everyone else and when there is nothing―not even a smear of blood―to show that a boy has died Or was he a boyThis is Clary's first meeting with the Shadowhunters warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons It's also her first encounter with Jace a Shadowhunter who looks a little like an angel a Warning won't contain spoilers cause I didn't get far enough to give a fuck and discover anything worth spoilingOkay so let me get this out straight I have never NOT finished a book before Okay I'm lying The History of Sexuality Volume 1 by Michel Foucault remains unfinished as does Villette by Charlotte Bronte Why Because they were boringBecause as I read them I wanted to take a cheese grater to my skull and rub vigorously just to have something to doBut I have never NOT finished a Young Adult paranormal novel before And I've read some BAAAAAD books But I didn't finish this book because it goes beyond bad It makes the History of Sexuality seem amazingly interesting and colourfulTo be fair to Ms Clare I was not actually reading her novel so much as listening to the Audiobook The Narrator Graynor did a particularly craptastic jobTo be fair to Ms Graynor she didn't have much to work with I tuned her out I swear I was focusing on the actual prose taking in the story trying to get interested But the writing was terrible It was painful The characters were annoyingNow I've been fair to Ms Clare and I've been fair to Mr Graynor So there's only you left to be fair to nowAnd in order to do that I have to admit that I wasn't EXPECTING to like this book I was however expecting to be pleasantly surprised and I'll explain whyMany years ago Cassandra Clare was Cassandra Clair a VERY popular FF author in the Harry Potter and LoTR circles I actually greatly enjoyed her Draco Trilogy I've read it many times I had heard that this book was very similar to DT and so I was expecting to find it to be a guilty pleasure Something my moral compass told me to leave behind but that I would actually enjoy too much to do so But I was wrongYeah she plagiarized that work and I won't really go into it except to post a link because in the end I'm not reviewing her I'm reviewing her workBut here's the problem Jace is really just Draco from DT Simon is really just Ron and Harry amalgamated into one Clary is really just Ginny The bad guys seems too much like good ol'Voldie The plot is painfully similar to DT It was like reading her old work all over again And I think because she was really just redressing her old characters she didn't even both to give them any growth in this storyTo be honest I didn't read far because the writing was boring oh my lord the similes Someone save me from them and poorly constructed; the characters were boring and poorly constructed and the plot was boring and poorly constructedI'd already read DT so I didn't need to read this

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City of BonesNd acts a lot like a jerk Within twenty four hours Clary is pulled into Jace's world with a vengeance when her mother disappears and Clary herself is attacked by a demon But why would demons be interested in ordinary mundanes like Clary and her mother And how did Clary suddenly get the Sight The Shadowhunters would like to kno 19 Apr '16 Bet you're sick of my updates nowJust for reference on the recent Sherrilyn Kenyon v Cassandra ClareKenyon has filed a lawsuit against Clare and also provides a list of alleged similarities between Clare's work to her ownRead and decide for yourself 15 Jun '13 update again Saw some stills for the movie and to be honest despite being slightly spurious in my casting of City of Bones I actually think my version is much better than the movie versionI mean look at Isabelle and look at ClaryCorrect me if I'm wrong but Isabelle is supposed to be way hotter than ClaryAnd don't even get me started on JaceI mean Jamie Campbell Bower was cute in a couple of his other films but Jace was supposed to be I dunno swoon on your feet panty wetting hawwwtAnd SimonI mean he has friendzone written all over him 12 Jan '13 I know this is now being made into a film and I know they've all got the cast sorted out but I imagined them very differently So here's how they all played out in my headSimon Aaron Taylor JohnsonFor some reason I always imagined Simon as young Eisenheim And a part of me wants to kick myself for associating the 2006 film with this book in any wayAlec Ezra MillerAnd no it's not because he's ueerIsabelle Jessica SzohrBecause I wanted to put this picture in here 'kayJace Draco MalfoyI mean come on Is there even a debate on thisClary Kristen StewartOnly because her acting skills match the uality of Clary's personality 11 Aug '12 Also known as Why Readers CAN Review An Author As Well As HisHer Book And Why STGRB Are Full of Shit And Obviously Never Took English Lit Classes For Telling Us We're Not Allowed ToI heard about the whole plagiarism issue long before I even heard of Cassandra Clare's books so I tried getting into it as objective as possible given the circumstances All I know is that she pretty much copy pasted whole wads of text from another FF writer from published books from TV dialogue into her Draco Dormiens trilogy without providing any credit to the original authorsI also know that she lifted wads of text from Draco Dormiens into her published Mortal Instruments What remains a mystery though is whether these bits copied into The Mortal Instruments were her own original pieces of writing or some of them even plagiarized workI won't go much into the whole plagiarism thing since if indeed any plagiarized work exists in The Mortal Instruments that is pretty much speculationHowever it does bring to mind uestions of ethic; should a plagiarist be published Some people strongly believe in giving second chances I think people only deserve second chances when they admit to their errors and have truly proven their repentance Both cases which I have not as of yet heard Cassandra Clare doOther uestions popping into my head include shouldn't there be some sort of punishment for plagiarists I mean if I did in university what Cassandra Clare did in Draco Dormiens and arguably The Mortal Instruments then I would've been kicked out on the curb and my pretty Master's degree ripped to shreds And similar to the whole Chris Brown debacle instead of condemning her far below ethical work habits we the consumers commend their artwork as if sending the message that whatever wrongs they have done it doesn't matter because people still eat their shit up There is no learning curve here; or at least no deterrence factorBut anyway I tried to suppress these nagging uestions while I read the book because I wanted to know if I would truly objectively enjoy City of Bones Especially after the whole GR Bullies absurdity where an increasing number of voices proclaim that Reviews Should Be About Books And Completely Separate From The AuthorWell ladies and gentlemen my experience reading City of Bones will provide evidence alongside many other ample evidence out there that no sometimes we as readers cannot keep the two things separate Sometimes our moral and ethic code just won't let us Reading is after all a subjective experience and all sorts of things influence our enjoyment of it including our perception of the author And if that affects our enjoyment of a book then it damn well does belong in a review if we choose to put it thereSo Anyway Now that I'm off my soapbox The biggest thing that stands out while I read City of Bones was how inconsistent the writing was It was so lazy and repetitive information was handed over to us on a silver platter there was no subtlety or any depth going on But then there would be brief short scenes or dialogues that actually made me laugh out Those few and interspersed scenes surprised me like one wet and icky autumn day when I found a five dollar bill while raking up my neighbour's filthy gardenTry as I might to ignore it I was at a dilemma Should I enjoy this I mean it's only five dollars Surely they couldn't miss it And I mean I'm working my arse off in this horrible weather because my mother owes them a lawnmower And anyway it might not even be theirs to begin withIn the end I took the money come on you would've too but I just didn't enjoy it as much as I would have And the delight I should have felt at finding money just wasn't thereThese funny bits of dialogues and scenes filled me with just as much inner turmoil as my five dollar note dilemma and even though I know that maybe perhaps it could be that these are all Cassandra Clare's own words I still couldn't shake off the icky suspicions out off my gut did she draw inspiration from some other unknown source hereIn the end it just ravaged me with too much guilt and suspicions that what originally would have been a five star scene was reduced down to three stars and a really really sad faceAlso a part of the inconsistent writing was the inconsistent narration I know 3rd person omniscient gives the narrator the power to sift through characters' thoughts and emotions as they please but this is what made the narrative sound forced and contrived We would normally follow Clary as the novel progresses until it is convenient for us to see things from another character's perspective in which case off we'll jump into another person's headThese conveniences are just one example of what I mean when I say that the narrative lacked subtlety When we aren't directly being fed a certain character's thoughts and emotions through hisher own point of view we are blatantly told their feelings by the character themselves Rarely are people in real life so honest and self aware as the characters in City of BonesAn asshat Jace looked as if he were about to laughWhat you said to Simon I was trying to save him some pain Isabelle will cut out his heart and walk all over it in high heeled boots That's what she does to boys like that You want to know what it's like when your parents are good church going folk and you happen to be born with the devil's mark He pointed at his eyes fingers splayed When your father flinches at the sight of you and your mother hangs herself in the barn driven mad by what she's done When I was ten my father tried to drown me in the creek I lashed out at him with everything I had burned him with everything I had burned him where he stood I didn't think you liked me all that muchIsabelle's brightness faded and she looked down at her silvery toes I didn't think I did either she admitted But when I went to look for and Jace and you were gone Her voice trailed off I wasn't just worried about him I was worried about you too There's something so reassuring about you And Jace is so much better when you're aroundThe point I'm trying to make here is that we get to know the characters because other characters are constantly telling us about them instead of us making our own informed opinions of them based on their actions and words This is why I say the writing was lazy and lacked depth And how Cassandra Clare tried to show us that her characters have background and troubles and are oh such damaged goods was or less through self testimonials such as the second uote up above where Magnus Bane so conveniently gave away his entire childhood to three random teenagers The chapter The Werewolf's Tale was another one of these self testimonials for another partially important character This is a whole new level of telling instead of showing Where unimaginative writers just unload all these information through descriptive prose Cassandra Clare was at least creative enough to hide it into her dialogue But the same underlying problem is still there we see none of this damaged goods I didn't need Sweeney Todd to tell me his past to know that he was a damaged troubled man His actions spoke it for meAs for information being handed to us on a silver platter all you need to do is take a look at the entire ending scene with Valentine to see my point The whole chapter was an infodump session Rarely do I read villains who are so eager to reveal their past and provide explanations to their potential victims The Harry Potter novels were slightly guilty of this especially in the earlier books but I believe a lot of other things about the books redeemed itself from this one faultJace was also a bit of an infodumper but I don't take away points for this I mean I get it it's hard to get on without one character at least explaining what the blazes was going onSpeaking of characters this is rather toug