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Cherish author Catherine Anderson kindle Þ Mass Market Paperback é catherine anderson é [PDF / Epub] ☉ Cherish Author Catherine Anderson – He Longed for Race Spencer's gunslinging days are far behind him He is now a rugged respectable rancher but Even his hardened heart is moved He sweeps the ivory skinned beauty into his arms and carries her away from danger A Woman to Cherish When innocent Rebecca Morgan wakes up in a stranger's embrace her life has been changed forever Ahhhhhwhat a wonderful read I'm so sorry I finished it though I know this author isn't for everyone but she sure is for me I loved Race and Rebecca's story and I went through many emotions while reading it I laughed I cried I feared for the charactersI got totally wrapped up in it all and I didn't want it to end And the hero former gunslinger Race Spencer? One of Catherine Anderson's memorable heroes A uarter breed Apache Indian who as a young child lost his mother to a violent act grew up to be a feared gunslinger and now is trying his hand at ranching While drivingherding his cattle home to his Colorado ranch he stumbles upon a chilling scene a massacre the likes of which he's never witnessed But there's a lone survivor a small blonde beauty who's destined to steal his heart In the space of a few violent minutes she had been stripped of everything that truly mattered to her except life itself her parents her relatives her friends her self confidence her world Even her God There had been absolutely nothing left On that fateful evening in the arroyo it might have been anyone who found her kneeling in the middle of that bloodbath mindless with shock But by some wondrous twist of fate or perhaps by the hand of God Himself it had been Race Spencer a man who was in every way a consolation for all that had been taken from herRace and Rebecca not much in common but they worked well as a couple Rebecca was a naive young girl making her way by wagon train with her family and members of her tight knit religious community across the country from Pennsylvania to Santa Fe They were ambushed by a gang of ruffians looking to steal the money they had brought with them and shell shocked Rebecca was the lone survivor Race stumbles upon the scene takes pity on Rebecca and vows to protect her and nearly loses his life and his herd doing so Along the way he falls hard for her but with his lack of education his Indian heritage and the hard life he's lead he wonders if he's good enough for herOh yeah RaceI loved this character He was sweet sexy commanding protective gentleand funny I laughed at some of the things he said I swooned at some of the things he said and I cried at some of the things he said Even though he was an uneducated man he was smart and perceptive and worked his way into Rebecca's heart just by being his sweet self The fact that they had wildly different backgrounds and life experiences was what made the book so captivating Rebecca was just so innocent and Race was anything but but neither had experienced love and it was wonderful seeing each realize that they were falling for the other I loved the way these characters connected on an emotional levelAnd the physical? Well the 'wedding night' scene is probably one of the best in the book as Race convinces Rebecca that he will 'go about his business' and will not have any 'ungodly urges' No spoilers here but that scene managed to be commical and hot at the same time Race wh what are you aa aaa ah wh what are you doing? From under the uilts his muffled baritone said My manly business darlin' It's all rightRebecca clamped her knees together Are you sure it's oh my God what ?Fans of Catherine Anderson's writing style should love this one I think it is one of her best stand alone books with one of her best heroes I truly loved all the characters and the plot thought there was a decent amount of heat and I could feel the love between the Hh The dialogue was some of Anderson's snapiest and funniest that I've ever read and the pacing was uick She tosses God's name around a bit but it fits within the plot My only complaint wasI'd like a seuel view spoilerRace and Rebecca have some children and in the epilogue she mentions something that their eldest son Zachariah does with th

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He Longed for Race Spencer's gunslinging days are far behind him He is now a rugged respectable rancher but it's a solitary life Then Fate leads Race to an earthbound angel lost and alone' the sole survivor of an outlaw attack and I don't know what it is about Catherine Anderson's writing but it always leaves me feeling both good and bad I sometimes want to hate her books but can't seem to bring myself to that point and end up liking them far than I believe I should Her style is easy to maneuver her characters are fleshed out and sympathetic her pacing is good and her heroes are intriguing The heroines I could sometimes do without but even when they annoy me they're well thought out so I can't really fault them Rebecca is annoying whenever she goes into Bible Thumper mode but since that's a huge part of the conflict it's easy to accept I loved Race Anderson's stories are not for everyone there usually tends to be some grit and tragedy that some readers simply aren't looking for but I prefer her realistic version of the Old West as opposed to the cartoonish infantile versions of some of the other books I've read

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Cherish author Catherine AndersRace's touch makes her blood sing and stirs up emotions in her she never knew existed But this man has a fearsome reputation And though her life may depend on him can she trust him? Is it love she sees in her rescuer's dark eyes? While scouting for a cattle drive Race Spencer comes across the massacre of a wagon train The only survivor Rebecca Morgan is in shock Learning that she was part of a religious sect who were moving to New Mexico Race cannot understand the motivation for murdering these people But when a gang of gunfighters begin following Race and Rebecca she admits that her family was carrying a lot of money that the gang was searching for Now they must retrieve the money and outrun the outlaws and their gunsThis 378 page historical romance could have easily been cut in half if there wasn't so much description and introspection We had page after page of description of the heroine's beautiful blonde hair the never ending gunfight and a cattle stampede I hated Rebecca continually blaming herself for everything that has happened and crying every ten pages The story itself was okay It probably would have made a good novella if there hadn't been so much filler My rating 2 Stars