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Caesar's Commentaries On The Gallic War and On The Civil WarErally expected by those who had fought on the side of the Republic His time was almost entirely occupied with public affairs in the management of which though he employed many agents he appears to have had none in the character of actual minister Caesar deprecated a lingering death and wished that his own might be sudden and speedy And the day before he died the conversation at supper in the house of Marcus Lepidus turning upon what was the most eligible way of dying he gave his opinion in favor of a death that is sudden and unexpected He died in the fifty sixth year of his age and was ranked amongst the God I purchased this as a gift and found this to be the better edition currently available Initially I purhcased the Kessinger Publishing Edition I found the print in that edition to be very muddy and the overall presetation not as clean huge margins which crowded the text This edition is clean and easy to read

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Caesar's Commentaries doc Ï On The Gallic War and On The Civil War Ñ eyltransferservices Ä ➤ Caesar's Commentaries: On The Gallic War and On The Civil War Ebook ➪ Author Julius Caesar – This complete edition of Caesar's Commentaries coThis complete edition of Caesar's Commentaries contains all eight of Caesar's books on the Gallic War as well as all three of his books on the Civil War masterfully translated into English by W A MacDevitt Caesar's Commentaries are an outstanding account of extraordinary events by one of the most exceptional men in the history of the world Julius Caesar himself was one of the most eminent writers of the age in which he lived His commentaries on the Gallic and Civil Wars are written with a purity precision and perspicuity which command approbation They are elegant without affectation and beautiful without orna I am not learned in Latin but the translation did not flow in English The tenses changed so suddenly and inappropriately that I suspect the translator of being too literal and the end result was difficult to read in English It gave the impression of one step above a computer translation I can't imagine Caesar and his scribes being so crudeI must read another edition before I have an opinion on the book it was difficult and tedious to read Maps would have been helpful

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Ment Of the two books which he composed on Analogy and those under the title of Anti Cato scarcely any fragment is preserved; but we may be assured of the justness of the observations on language which were made by an author so much distinguished by the excellence of his own compositions His poem entitled The Journey which was probably an entertaining narrative is likewise totally lost All of Caesar's works that remain intact are contained in this edition of his commentaries It is to the honor of Caesar that when he had obtained the supreme power he exercised it with a degree of moderation beyond what was gen Writing was like a legal document He was a very intelligent and courageous man but after a while the battles wear thin