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review Burn Unit (Saving Lives after the Flames) Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB Ü [PDF / Epub] ✅ Burn Unit (Saving Lives after the Flames) Author Join or create book clubs – A compelling blend of science history and storytelling Barbara Ravage has fashioned an enlightening invaluaOrld From Bostons Cocoanut Grove fire of to the treatment of the victims of the Rhode Island nightclub fire in early we watch everyday heroes do their incredible but punishing work against the backdrop of history Both a moving human drama and an engrossing scientific exploration of this little known field of medicine Burn Unit is an unforgettably powerful read. Novels uite freuently keep me up till three am but non fiction Not so much Last night at 315 I had to force myself to re charge my KIndle battery and close my aching eyes Burn Unit is that goodThe book as other reviewers have said blends medical history accounts of spectacular fires like the one at the Cocoanut Grove in 1942 personal accounts of two burn survivors a physiological tour of the body after a serious burn and most of all a description of the work of the famous Bigelow Burn Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston Barbara Ravage seamlessly moves from one element to another in this marvelously researched and compulsively readable bookFor me by far the most fascinating component of Burn Unit was its riveting account of exactly what happens in a seriously burned body One of Ravage's survivors is a young gay man burned over 35% of his body who fell asleep upon an old mattress choking on black smoke inhaling toxins that would prove as damaging as the actual flames he'd fled The other is a middle aged father who trying to dump a pot of 400 degree peanut oil disappeared into a sheath of fire before his wife's horrified eyes In relentless compelling detail Ravage tells us exactly what happens to such victims the breakdown of capillaries that causes a deluge of essential fluids the onset of the inflammatory response that causes a cascade of horrors the way in which toxic smoke causes the cells of the airway all the way down into the lungs to char and begin to coagulate into a bloody glop that must be suctioned out and the damage to epidermis dermis muscle even all the way down to bone that will reuire efforts on the part of doctors surgeons nurses techs and other essential burn unit personnel to remedyAlthough other reviewers have cautioned the sueamish to stay away and although my spouse finally begged me to cease and desist explaining burn physiology I didn't find Ravage's book revolting at all; I was too fascinated to learn about how the burned body often acts as its own worst enemy initiating processes that may aid healing in the long run but in the short run cause agony and near disastrous breakdown So much of what happens is counter intuitive did you know for instance that burn victims lose weight so fast that if they are conscious they are told to eat until they're ready to burst The inflammatory response elevates the body's metabolism so dramatically that calories literally melt away Did you know burn victims must be kept very very warm in damp plastic chambers to prevent the loss of body heat and the moisture that burn wounds need to heal Did you know that instead of leaving the blackened tough lid on the surface of the burn in place so healing can begin from underneath modern burn specialists immediately scrape off this apparently protective cover even though doing so makes infection likely Ravage presents all these astonishments most of them very recent in burn care so effortlessly that you need not have a medical background to understandonly the curiosity to learn exactly what happens and whyWe enter the OR to watch the surgeon and his team slice off blackened eschar then slice off micron thin slices of intact skin with a device that resembles a pastrami slicer to make a graft We learn about the curious substances that doctors have used to simulate skin pig collagen skin from an identical twin even grafts from cadavers which keep the burn wound moist and protected until they are finally rejected Ravage describes the efforts still in their infancy to create a true artificial skin the last remaining major breakthrough in burn careFinally she follows Dan O'Shea and Tom Parent into their new lives as survivors showing us that emotional as well as physical recovery from burns is an enormous challengeThe book concludes with exhaustive footnotes and an index My only complaint here is that the Kindle version doesn't explain what the paragraphs in tiny text throughout the book are; I coudn't tell if they were uotes from other sources and there are no numbers in the text itself to correspond to the numbered footnotes at the end of the bookBut these are uibbles Burn Unit is dazzling I learned so much so effortlessly easily the best non fiction book since Andrew Solomon's Far from the TreeFive Stars

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On this private and sterile environment Burn Unit is a riveting account of the frontline effortsboth modern day and historicalto save lives devastated by fire With unflinching urgency Barbara Ravage follows an extraordinary team of healers at Massachusetts General Hospital the cradle of modern burn treatment and the site of one of the best burn units in the w. Left me informed and awed by the examples of persistence and resourcefulness in the medical field and by the resilience of the body and the spirit Barbara Ravage did an excellent job of explaining the complications involved in burns in layman's language while keeping the story moving forward at a compelling pace with very interesting anecdotes and enough historical background to deepen appreciation of what it's taken for burn care to get to where it is

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Burn Unit Saving Lives after the FlamesA compelling blend of science history and storytelling Barbara Ravage has fashioned an enlightening invaluable book Stewart ONan author of The Circus Fire A True Story of an American TragedyThough each of us is just a spark away from being a burn victim the public knows little and understands less about the world that patients inhabit Pulling the curtains back. On August 3 my wife was burned in central Anatolia On August 15 we med vaced her to the United States On September 1 I bought this book On September 20 I received the book I was so rapt by the writing that I finished this book in two days Understand my wife was in the hospital at the time Reading was not a priority I visited my wife daily while I ran a family and my own business Sometimes a writer's capabilities can so overwhelm the topic A good writer can make the worst topics readable Burns sores sepsis pain and scars are what I neither care to read about nor wish others to read about The sterile black ink on the white pages cannot deliver the sensations to you of the stench associated with the dead skin nor show you the grotesue complexity of the red and yellow skin which bleeds easily and often I no would ask a person to experience what my family has lived the past few months than I would ask them to clean my plumbing Burns are a horrible topic which Ms Ravage has managed to make less horrible I used this book for something than enjoyment The doctors' mouths often as clasped as the arteries of their surgical patients tell little to the patients' family and when they speak the language is too often cliched with inexplicables and nondeterminatives This book answered uestions told me what to look forward to and outlined what to anticipate This was my Burn Patients' uestions for Dummies But written well I cringed I cried I swallowed hard And at times I had to leave the book The writng and insight were as razor sharp as the scalpels discussed and referenced in the portion discussing grafting Good work Ms Ravage You helped a great deal I can only tell others in my predicament read this book And after you read the book you will feel better about what there is looming in the slowly progressing and little discussed world of burns