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Ted in thirty yearsBumble Ardy has evolved from an animated segment for Sesame Street to a glorious picture book about a mischievous pig who reaches the age of nine without ever having a birthday party But all that changes when Bumble Ardy throws a party for himself and invites all his friends leading to a wild masuerade that uickly gets out of handIn this highly anticipated picture book Sendak once again explores the exuberance of young children and the unshakable love between parent in this case an aunt and chil. Wow I am shocked to see this book has so many low ratings I agree that it is not up to par with Sendak's prior works but it is certainly not a 1 or 2 star bookThat being said Bumble Ardy is about a pig who throws an over the top birthday party to make up for missed birthdays in the past This party doesn't end well but Bumble Ardy learns a lesson in unconditional love A fun story filled with rhythmic text and Sendak's round warm illustrations that most have come to love

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Bumble ArdyYes this new release is by Maurice Sendak Bumble Ardy is in fact the first book illustrated and written by him since 's Outside Over There Its piglet main character and his story had distinguished beginnings Bumble Ardy originally appeared in a Sesame Street animated short created by Sendak and his friend Jim Henson Its robust pictures and rowdy rhymes are vintage Sendak At nine past nine the piggy swine Broke down the door and guzzled brine And hogged sweet cakes and oinked loud grunts And pulled all kinds of dir. Well in this book Maurice shows kids how to throw a raging kegger Bumble Ardy has missed his 1st 8 birthdays At 9 he is living with his aunt because his family was slaughtered and she gives him a party While at work Bumble sends out invitations and has pigs dress up in costume They proceed to get horribly drunk on brine I really don’t know why kids need this idea in their heads at a young age but Maurice thought they did I feel like this book also has a mean tone to it accept for the ending There is some real bitterness and resentment going on in these pages Maurice is working something out here The party guests are dressed up to the 9’s It’s a great costume partyThe artwork is great Sendak but the subject seems beyond children’s years I know Maurice likes to give adult content to children in a way they can digest it but to me it seems children will get here to this easily on their own Anyway maybe I’m just getting oldThe nephew read this and he thought all the wild acting pigs dressed as adults were really funny He loved the pigs doing wacky things He was sad when the aunt broke it all up He enjoyed this book a lot He gave it 5 stars The niece thought the party seemed a little out of control and she wasn’t crazy about that She likes control She gave this 3 stars

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READ & DOWNLOAD Bumble-Ardy 107 Ü ❮Read❯ ➲ Bumble-Ardy ➵ Author Maurice Sendak – Yes this new release is by Maurice Sendak Bumble Ardy is in fact the first book illustrated and written by him since 1981's Outside Over There Its piglet main character and his story had distinguished Yes this new releasTy stunts Simply masterfulBarnes Noble has said Since the publication of his classic Outside Over There in Maurice Sendak’s book illustrations have focused on interpreting the texts of such authors as James Marshall Tony Kushner Wilhelm Grimm Ruth Krauss Herman Melville and Mother Goose And beginning in with his sets and costumes for The Magic Flute Sendak launched a busy second career as the designer of stage productions of opera and ballet Now comes Bumble Ardy the first book he has written as well as illustra. I had such high hopes for this one and I don't feel as though they were met I was expecting a wonderful amazing book and the book I got instead was a very odd just OK read I read the first page I liked that the pig newspaper said We Read Banned Books which made me laugh But from there nothing I do like the rhyming text which has a very nice rhythm to it The artwork of course is interesting to look at even if the masuerade costumes are a bit odd and sometimes a bit creepy I think they'd be especially odd to young kids I don't know that I would say this is a kids book but a picture book for adults especially adults wanting a throwback nostaglia picture book But it's the story as as whole that's missing something I can't even put my finger on exactly what it is it just didn't have that spark of magic or dash of humor I was expecting It ended too soon and while it's supposed to show the unconditional love between parent or Aunt in this case and child I don't know that that really came across Instead the Aunt threatens the friends and leaves Bumble Ardy cowering in the corner promising not to turn ten Doesn't seem like unconditional love to me The end wrapped up too uickly and it just didn't work for me I really wanted humor and a bit heart The rhymes weren't enough for me Odd and strange OK but not a classic