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PDF í BOOK Buddhadhamma FREE Ò EYLTRANSFERSERVICES · [Reading] ➶ Buddhadhamma (SUNY Series in Buddhist Studies) ➬ Join or create book clubs – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Written by one of the most highly regarded monk scholars in Southeast Asia this book is a modern distillation of the pivotal doctrinWritten by one of the most highly regarded monk scholar This book is for reader that is looking for a thoroughly researched book about what Buddha taught without any descriptions of miracles or poetic declarations about the excellence of the teachings Determining what Buddha's true teachings are is a major challenge as Buddha lectured during fifty years after his enlightenment and taught differently to ordinary house holders and to those with an ability to reflect upon what is the real truth with an open mindVen Payutto is one of the scholar monks that orchestrated a renaissance in Buddhist thinking and practice in Thailand after 1900 At that time teaching had become limited to rote learning without any effort to understand the complete meaning of Buddha's teaching and the application to day In addition many monks no longer followed the rules Buddha had established for monksMany Buddhist books and teachings put the emphasis on nothing exists emptiness and no soul These concepts confuses many readers Payutto is one of very few that defines what exists as numerous intricate corporeal and mental phenomena that exist in accordance with interdependent causes and conditions Many Buddhist texts omit to complete the sentence about Nothing Exists by not adding inherently meaning on its own independent of causes and conditions Wisdom is also a popular word in Buddhism Practical wisdom has become a popular concept in many texts Payutto defines wisdom as Knowledge and understanding according to the Truth Buddha considered wisdom as wisdom only if it helped human beings live meaningful and truthful lives For Buddha wisdom that could not be practiced was not of interest Wisdom for Buddha meant that all could use it in daily life be it that he explained it differently to different groups in accordance with their ability to understand his teachingsThe book consists of an Introduction and Part I and II The introduction describes the social and historical context of changes in Buddhist thinking and practices in Thailand Part I describes first the Truth according to Buddha The Truth is about what we can know to be true as it relates to suffering and well being Second describes the way the truth manifests itself in a process referred to as Dependent Origination Part II describes the application of the truth of Dependent origination in accordance with the Middle Path that deals with confidence and the proper understanding of Thought Speech Action and Livelihood Effort Mindfulness Concentration and Wisdom Developing Concentration and Wisdom is described in considerable detailThis book is both a book to read and a book of reference to consult when you find you do no not fully understand a Buddhist concept

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Of the pivotal doctrines found in the Pali Buddhist can Bought this used A great resource of knowledge Wish I had a new copy This author is great

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Buddhadhamma SUNY Series in Buddhist StudiesS in Southeast Asia this book is a modern distillation Good solid book on the Dhamma It uses a lot of Pali and is written from the Thai Tradition I purchased it for study of Dependant Origination and was not disappointed It is not as steep as Thanisaro's stuff but it will be a challenge to read In my opinion well worth it