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Bernini Genius of the Baroque kindle × eBook Genius of the Baroque Free ´ eyltransferservices á ❮Download❯ ➾ Bernini: Genius of the Baroque ➹ Author Charles Avery – A consideration of the career of Gianlorenzo BerniniE works including his architecture and focusing on his techniue in drawing modelling and carving Eac Book arrived in perfect condition Big book with beautiful pictures

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H chapter is accompanied by displayed plates which expose details barely visible in the original wor This is a beautiful book The works are shown from different anglesinstead of just one frontal photo so the reader gets the details of the work with a good accompanying text I accidently discovered this sculptor and findto my surprise that some of his work is appealing than some of the famous artists of this genre There is a great deal of detail in fact a whole chapter devoted to his fountains particularlyThe Fountains of the 4 rivers I wish I had this book before I went to Rome and saw it in person Any lover of sculpture will not be dissapointed with this purchase

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Bernini Genius of the BaroqueA consideration of the career of Gianlorenzo Bernini from his brilliant beginnings to his last matur This is a fine book about Bernini's sculpture It has multiple photos of the important works It groups sculptures into chapters by subject matter busts mystic religious mythological fountains etc which makes sense The text is interesting and includes uotes from Bernini's contemporary Baldinucci and others Avery places heavy emphasis on antecedents that may have influenced Bernini's designs There is a fascinating chapter about Bernini's methods of sculpting His fountains are described and illustrated in detail His architecture is also coveredThe book badly needs a biographical summary and chronology to assist the reader Avery's chapter grouping by subject matter means that the seuence of events jump back and forth confusingly Dates of composition are not always providedFinn's photos are very good and taken from well chosen angles But some are not as sharp as one would like for such a work Additionally some sculpture photos have so little depth of field that key details are not even in focus David's head on page 67 for exampleNevertheless I recommend this book highlyAvery is rather too coy and protective of his hero There is the briefest and most obscure discussion of Bernini's failed campanile on Saint Peter's It is simply dismissed without details or illustrations with allegations of incompetenceill founded There is a delicate discussion in the final chapter of the truly regrettable episode in which he attempted to murder his brother and dispatched his servant to slash attack his mistress Regrettable indeed I highly recommend in addition to this book Simon Schama's outstanding DVD series The Power of Art his program on Bernini is magnificent