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Zombies vs Robots kindle ✓ 356 pages Download ☆ Joe Cautilli ð ➼ [Reading] ➾ Zombies vs Robots By Joe Cautilli ➱ – Eyltransferservices.co.uk A desperate tale of survival A family and their friends frantically battle legions of zombies in a major American east coast city TAnd water prove to be eual and ongoing challenges for them Follow their movement through joy and despair as they seek to live just another day If you like the fusion of cyberpunk and graphic horror then this is the book for y I’ve read a lot of zombie books Circa 2010 I think I read about a dozen that year alone Zombies vs Robots had a fun a premise that I thought might be a fun return to the genre for meUnlike most zombie fiction which either focuses on things from a military perspective or an everyman perspective where the reader is left imagining how the government might handle a zombie apocalypse or how they themselves would be likely to fair Zombies vs Robots is the first book in the genre I’ve ever read where the primary uestion seems to be “What would an upperclass family do in the zombie apocalypse?”I still enjoy those types of hypothetical uestions regarding zombie outbreaks so while I don’t have a four story five bedroom house with solar panels a green house private internet servers that means the internet never goes down impenetrable metal hurricane shutters on every window and an estimated one year supply of food in the basement there are surely people for whom this would be a reality and they would no doubt try to survive such an apocalypse the same as anyone elseThe robots didn’t come into play as often as I had hoped they don’t REALLY show up at all until the 37% mark but when they were involved it what I was hoping for Similarly all the zombie gore throughout is exactly what I like as a fan of the genreThe book also has a fun way of naming songs throughout that are popular enough to know by title and play in your head as makeshift soundtrack to accompany you through everythingThere are a lot of characters and it can be a little tricky to keep them straight and what their relationships to each other are One of the answers to “What would an upperclass family do in the zombie apocalypse?” to the credit of this particular upperclass family seems to be “invite over as many people as their giant house could fit” I think there were somewhere between 12 and 15 people at various times The characters are colorful but mostly realistic versions of people you probably know in your own life just upperclass versions They’re likeable enough that you don’t particularly want any of them to die even though they inevitably will because this is a zombie bookThe writing needs some very severe editing which it allegedly received from the publisher according to the copyright page I honestly have a very hard time believing the publisher did much editing at all There are words so badly misspelled that spellcheck 100% should have caught them if it had ever been run among other grammatical errors that a computer might miss but a professional editor should have caught Despite either of these two things the greater weakness of the writing is its tendency to not only tell instead of showing but to tell you way than you need to know or is even interesting related to the rest of the story To its credit the writing improves drastically as the book goes I just wish the beginning had been edited to match the later parts for writing ualityBut as I’ve said I’ve read a lot of zombie books and they don’t have to be great works of literature to be enjoyable within that genre Despite its many faults at its heart the story is about people figuring out creative ways to survive something terrible plus plenty of blood and gore The book delivers on both accountsIf you like zombie books there is still plenty to enjoy here

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A desperate tale of survival A family and their friends frantically battle legions of zombies in a major American east coast city This family has one advantage and that is its ability to innovate new technologies including rob I received a copy of Zombies Vs Robots in exchange for an honest review and I'm actually kind of torn with this one If you've read my reviews you know how I feel about this genre You know I'm always looking for something new something that takes the genre to new levels and adds something fresh and uniue In a sense Z V R did that but what weighed it down for me were the over drawn ideas as the survivors had for their actual survival It goes into a lot of detail here about everything and I really didn't care It weighed the book down made me feel as if I were suddenly reading a surival manual I realize this is a zombie novel and these people need to create a sustainable environment but holy crap on a cracker I do like the idea though Once we find them in their new sustainable habitiat the action sort of picks up but it falls into familiar territory We know what happens and the robots don't get a lot of time in the book They do see some action but it's the typical stuff we expect to see There are a few interesting ideas here which do elevate the novel a bit Crazed religious fanatics were an interesting aspect and I hope that in the next book of the series we see of them The authors dabble in a variety of different genres which I found courageous Z V R is as much a cautionary tale as it is straight up zombie novel Something like this could happen and it adds an undercurrent of fear to it Fans of the genre will enjoy this a great deal because it feels exactly the way it's supposed to You get a few surprises that will no doubt suck you in and make you cheer your head off as the survivors take out zombies and the Army of God Me I just wasn't all that into it The characters felt like an afterthought and the real story wasn't actually about them but how they planned on surviving I didn't care about them and in a novel like this you need characters that you like or can even relate too The idea is great but it just didn't work for me I think most of that had to do with the genre in general I get that these novels have to follow a pattern but when I saw the description I was hoping for something a bit different As a reviewer I could tell you to avoid this book at all costs but that's not fair to the people who wrote it If you're a fan of the genre you're going to enjoy it Be warned the first half does move slow but once the world falls apart you'll get exactly what you came for What this isn't for is just horror fans who dislike the zombie genre You'll feel exactly the way I did or you'll end up leaving a one star review which it doesn't really deserve It follows the usual formula these books always follows except with robots thrown in There's nothing here for people who don't like zombies or survival horror I think it does deserve three stars and that's because it's not a terrible book I just crave something uniue in my horror I want to see something I've never seen There was a lot of hope that this would be one of those books but it's not Joe and Marsha are decent writers and they know how to tell a story Sometimes they go a little overboard with details but all writers do that It's clearly not a bad thing Just beware of what you're getting into

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Zombies vs Robots Ots to increase their chances of survival Through the use of the robots they are able to reclaim some of their lost world but zombies are not their only worry Other survivors are often just as dangerous Finding sources of food I finally got to finish this one and will be getting the next in the series It aggravates me how much kept happening to make it difficult to just sit down with it Lock the door and put on headphones so you can pretend ther is no one homeI was very impressed by the level of description and the depth of the characters That this story came from a young lady that is now eight years old pleases me immensely as I can remember a time where it was very difficult to find child authorsThe end I found to be especially poignant and it may be my favorite part I also was very intruiged by the evolution of the zombies but I won't elaborate since I don't want to spoil itI want to give this 475 rating but I only seem to be able to input whole increments That frustrates me greatly