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read The Lady Queen kindle ¹ Jerusalem and Sicily ê [Epub] ➝ The Lady Queen: The Notorious Reign of Joanna I, Queen of Naples, Jerusalem, and Sicily Author Join or create book clubs – The riveting history of a beautiful ueen a shocking murder a papal trial―and a reign as triumphant as any R day found patronage at her glittering court the turmoil of her times swirled around her war plague intrigue and the treachery that would ultimately bring her down As she did in her acclaimed Four ueens Nancy Goldstone takes us back to the turbulent and colorful Middle Ages and with skill and passion brings fully to life one of history's most remarkable women Her research is impeccable her eye for detail unerring and in The Lady ueen she paints a captivating portrait of medieval royalty in all its incandescent complexit This is a great biography of someone who I admit I had not been aware of before Joanna was born into the royal family of the Kingdom of Naples and through the untimely death of her father became ueen as a teenager in an era when ueens were not expected to rule in their own right She spent the next thirty plus years trying to steer her way through a very complicated world in which she was seen by just about everyone as a pawn rather than a player The fact that she survived that long is a great tribute to her courage and intelligence although don't expect a happy ending She constantly had to make the best of increasingly poor situationsThis biography is very well written using all the available evidence to produce a believable personality behind the ueen

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The riveting history of a beautiful ueen a shocking murder a papal trial―and a reign as triumphant as any in the Middle A ges On March 15 1348 Joanna Iueen of Naples stood trial for her life before the Pope and his court in Avignon She was twenty two years old Her cousin and husband Prince Andrew of Hungary had recently been murdered and Joanna was the chief suspect Determined to defend herself―Joanna won her acuittal against enormous odds Returning to Naples she ruled over one of Europe's most prestigious courts for Although I read uite a bit of history I was not very familiar with the life of Joanna of Naples I found the book well researched and very informative as well as very fascinating to read not at all heavy It not only gave me a good overview of the life and times of this not very well known ueen but also of the Hungarian connection I had not realised that at the time the Hungarian royal family was descended from one of Joanna's relatives I continue to be amazed at the papal courts and how anyone could take the popes and the church hierarchy seriously in view of their scheming venality etc etc Poor Joanna dependent on such institutions

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The Lady Queen The Notorious Reign of Joanna I Queen of Naples Jerusalem and SicilyThan thirty years―until she was herself murdered As courageous as Eleanor of Auitaine as astute and determined as Elizabeth I of England Joanna was the only female monarch in her time to rule in her own name She was notorious The taint of her husband's death never uite left her But she was also widely admired Dedicated to the welfare of her subjects and realm she reduced crime built hospitals and churches and encouraged the licensing of women physicians While a procession of the most important artists and writers of he This is a very fat book full of details and many historical personages It starts with a bang a powerful young ueen appearing before the Pope to defend herself of charges that she arranged her husband's death But that is something of a teaser and it uickly reverts to giving important by dry backstory about Joanna's grandfather and the various claims to the throneThere was so much going on rival Popes four husbands intriguing heirs but I found it a bit hard to follow though I love historical biographies in general The depth of research is evident but the writing style doesn't enchant