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PDF Ñ BOOK The Happy Herbivore Cookbook FREE ☆ EYLTRANSFERSERVICES ó [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Happy Herbivore Cookbook Author Lindsay S. Nixon – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Vegan chef of one of the top 50 food blogs on the Web HappyHerbivorecom Lindsay Nixon gives hundreds of thousands of her followNg suggestions with each recipe to help make menu planning easy and painless• Allergen free recipes including gluten free soy free corn free and sugar freeWith a conventionally organized format; easy to follow step by step instructions; nutritional analyses colorful photographs; funny blurbs at the beginning of each recipe; helpful tips throughout; and chef’s notes suggesting variations for each dish even the most novice cook will find healthy cooking easy and delicio I am not a Vegan but I try to eat healthy and avoid meat I am really trying to like this cookbook but after trying at least 15 recipes the only thing I can recommend so far is the banana bread Sometimes I think Vegans have gone so long without good food that their taste buds forget what good food tastes like

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Y store on any budget The Happy Herbivore Cookbook includes• A variety of recipes from uick and simple to decadent and advanced• Helpful hints and cooking tips from basic advice such as how to steam potatoes to specific information about which bread tofu or egg replacer works best in a recipe• An easy to use glossary demystifying any ingredients that may be new to the reader• Healthy insight Details on the health benefits and properties of key ingredients• Pairi I got this from the library because I like trying new recipes and reading cookbooks I try to incorporate lots of plant based foods into our diet so I love vegan recipes I was minimally aware of The Happy Herbivore blog and book prior to getting this but I had never really tried any of their stuff So I didn't know that not only is it vegan it's a low fatfat free emphasis I don't really like fat free foods in general and while I think it's good to eliminate unhealthy fats there's a lot of good fat out there too And they add so much flavorAnyways I tried the Hawaiian barbeue chickpeas tuna salad and black bean brownies I wasn't a fan of the chickpeas but my husband really liked it The brownies were yummy but their texture was like fudge Bananas were used as the sweetener and they tasted like chocolate banana fudge not a bad thing But the favorite recipe I tried was the tuna salad made with chickpeas and vegan mayonnaise and kelp powder among other things I had to special order the kelp powder because no one in town carried it but it was really tasty in a pita pocket with lettuce and tomato on topThe recipes don't give that many details but the pictures are nice There's a glossary in the back about various ingredients and cooking techniues There's a short intro in the front explaining the vegan low fat diet but overall this is a straightforward cookbook and not that interesting to read I like cookbooks that have lots of tips anecdotes stories some historical notes etc But that's just my taste As a straightforward cookbook if you're looking for low fat plant based foods this is pretty good

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The Happy Herbivore CookbookVegan chef of one of the top 50 food blogs on the Web HappyHerbivorecom Lindsay Nixon gives hundreds of thousands of her followers recipes each month showing that the vegan diet is not only healthy but delicious tooNow Nixon combines some of her tastiest recipes in The Happy Herbivore Cookbook each made with no added fats using only whole plant based foods It’s easy to make great food at home using the fewest number of ingredients and ones that can easily be found at an My new definition of torture? Reading this book while hungry and it was only slightly less painful to read when not hungry because almost everything looks so delicious As I read I started making shopping lists of ingredients I’d need to buy in order to make a few of the recipes I can remember doing that with only a couple other cookbooksI stayed up very late at night early morning to finish this book That’s how engrossing it was for meAnd I loved the adorable little elephant that appears on many pages So cuteRecently I filled out a survey for an upcoming book a survey about what vegans eat and one of the uestions was what were my three favorite cookbooks I own over 100 vegan cookbooks and have read several I don’t own and found that uestion impossible to answer well; I could have probably answered fairly accurately had I been asked to name my 30 favorite cookbooks Now I’m prepared to add this book to that list and I wish I’d read this book before I answered the uestionnaire because I think I’d have included it as one of my three favorite cookbooks It’s certainly in my top 30 Of course I don’t know which book would get displaced from the short list I gave and in my top ten I actually wrote a fu email and mentioned this book as my new favorite I didn’t know if my email would do any good because I wasn’t sure if the deadline for submissions had passed but the co author promptly emailed me back and said they’d have a look at the book; I am so happy about thatI’m really glad the author is already a Goodreads author member because otherwise I’d have expended the effort and invited her to joinThis is a gorgeous book beautiful layout mouthwatering inducing photos many photos; there are even photos within the index pages I so appreciate that the author is cognizant of such things as cost of food and complexity of recipes and ease of finding ingredientsShe’s personable and her notes at the start of every recipe are entertaining and useful She also has an additional chef’s note on some of the recipe pages also including very helpful information These notes definitely contribute to making this book fun to read I appreciate all the recipes where she includes suggested variations to the basic recipe She also tells a bit about her background an inclusion I enjoyedThis is an ideal book for novice cooks new vegans vegans who cook for omnivores andor children anybody who wants to eat lower fat versions of favorite foods anybody interested in healthy vegan eating and there are uite a few decadent and comfort food recipes included which should please almost all eatersOne thing I noticed is that she uses a lot of non dairy milk and she even includes a homemade recipe for brown rice milk which I doubt I’ll use but it’s cool that it’s there I’ve rarely use milks but I’m willing to use them to try out some of these recipes I love that she uses whole grains because that’s what I like to eatShe has icons at applicable recipes for no cooking reuired uick fat free gluten free soy free kid friendly and omni friendly The latter she explains are recipes that were particularly enjoyed by omnivores All of the recipes were taste tested by vegans and omnivores overall positively I assume but the omni icon are ones best liked by the omnivores I think these icons at recipes are important information to have for most cooks For people with allergies or food sensitivities people who have children and for those who need to cook to please both omnivores and vegans this information is indispensable Each recipe has nutritional information and unlike most other cookbooks that include these numbers here a disclaimer is provided make clear that there are variations and the numbers are not likely to be exact I appreciated that honesty Stats provided are calories calories from fat total fat in grams cholesterol I love it when vegan cookbooks include this because the number is always 0 total carbohydrate in grams dietary fiber number grams grams of sugars and protein number of gramsThere’s a plethora of recipes I want to try The taste testers for this book were so lucky The author has a food blog and some of the recipes have been available there The recipes in the book that follow are the ones that most appealed to me and I do plan to make some of them listed in general order of my reading them not in order of most compelling gingerbread mini loaves cinnamon buns Nomelet maple muffins banana bread French toast pumpkin bread pancakes creamy carrot soup African kale and yam soup curried sweet potato soup red lentil dal black bean burgers hippie loaf easy macaroni and cheese with the cheddar cheesy sauce I can’t emphasize enough how thrilled I am to find a recipe for vegan cheese saucevegan cheese that doesn’t include mustard broccoli pesto pasta corn pudding baked onion rings dirty mashed potatoes Charleston red rice dirty rice traditional stuffing probably for next Thanksgivingwinter holidays chocolate chip cookies black bean brownies single serving brownie perfect for when I don’t trust myself with an entire pan of them chocolate cupcakes strawberry cupcakes pumpkin pie maple icing vanilla icing tofu chocolate icing brown gravy Thanksgiving gravy ditto for the next winter holidays along with the stuffing enchilada sauce the aforementioned cheddar cheesy sauce tofu ricotta cheese cranberry sauce although I think I’d rather try Alicia Silverstone’s with the maple syrup vs the agave nectar but I love cranberries so I’m likely to try both Cajun essence spice mixture and there are too It seems as though I listed a great many but I couldn't leave out any of the above Different eaters might like recipes different from my favorites There are some meat analog dishes here too for those who like them; I don’tThe index is good although I did notice I first had trouble finding the brown rice milk recipe that’s included but overall it’s well laid out and comprehensive and I didn’t have trouble finding anything else The brown rice milk is under brown but not rice or milk or non dairy milk; the non dairy milk listing is for non dairy milks’ general description in the appendix Also the index pages have appendix at the top of the pages I think those are typosThe table of contents is long but I want to include its section titles so potential readerscooks can see how wonderfully comprehensive this book is It would make a fine gift for a novice cook a new vegan as their first cookbok someone starting out in a new kitchen and really absolutely anyone who enjoys vegan cookbooksTable of ContentsIntroduction A Word from LindsayWhy Vegan?Why Fat Free and Low Fat?Getting StartedKitchen Prep LingoTroubleshooting TipsHow to Use This BookTop Ten TipsBreakfast BrunchMuffins BreadsSoups Dals ChilisBurgers Wraps Tacos Moreuick One Pot DinnersTofu Vegan MeatsPasta Casseroles Mix Match Vegetables Grains BeansDessertsDips Snacks Finger FoodsSpreads Gravies SaucesCondiments Spices MoreAppendixGlossary of IngredientsRecipe SubstitutionsMetric ConversionsIndexAcknowledgementsAbout the Author