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Meant for More The Proven Formula to Turn Your Knowledge into ProfitsOur gifts for free The Meant for More Formula helps you upgrade your mind set unwrap your uniue gifts claim your value and make irresistible offers so you can get what you're worth and make the difference you're here to make in a way that isn't remotely pushy or sales y We all long forMore impact More success More fulfillment More abundance More freedom More joy But it's not necessarily easy to fulfill this longing We all know someone who clearly has so much to offer the world but who holds back out of fear fear of failure or of success fear of putting herself out there fear of being perceived as pushy or full of himself Maybe that person is y. This book is full of practical ways to help you be who you want to be as a person not just as an entrepreneur

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The Proven Formula MOBI #190 speaks to people looking to leave the to forfreedom and fulfillment stay at home moms going back to work young Boomers worried they're too senior and expensive to find new jobs idealistic Gen Xers and Millennials unwilling to toe the company line and experts in any field who want to cash in on their expertise while making a difference In Meant for More an award winning entrepreneur and business coach outlines the formula for getting theyou've been longing for a proven system to sell yourself and your one of a kind gifts to the people you were meant to help and reap the rewards that come when you stop giving away y. The thing that really jumps out at me through this book is how genuine Lisa is and how her strategies are easy to use as they come from the heart and feel real I've been a fan of hers for over a decade and I'm half way through this book and have started already implementing some of my learnings I really needed this push and clarity right now

Summary Meant for More: The Proven Formula to Turn Your Knowledge into Profits

Meant for More: The Proven Formula to Turn Your Knowledge into Profits Summary Ý 102 ß ➳ [Reading] ➶ Meant for More: The Proven Formula to Turn Your Knowledge into Profits By Lisa Sasevich ➩ – An award winning entrepreneur and business coach outAn award More The eBook #184 winning entrepreneur and business coach outlines an easy to follow formula that helps you own your uniue value makemoney haveimpact and getout of life all without being pushy or sales y Meant for EpubMeant for More is a How to Win Friends and Influence People for the modern age It shows you how to stand out in an increasingly noisy world by simply offering your uniue skills for More The Epub #224 and talents and helping others do the same It offers tangible skills to use in all areas of your life including work to increase your success and do good while you're for More The Proven Formula MOBI #190 at it It for More. If you have ever thought that the work you do or even your life in general should have meaning to it but not known how to make that happen this is the book for you Lisa helps us realise we all have something uniue within us that we can and should share with the world The thing is she doesn’t just tell us we should do this she gives a step by step roadmap to help us to do thisThe book helps us challenge our own doubts about the value of our experiences and our doubts about making money And I certainly have both of those She uses systems to help us organise our thoughts into a less cluttered format so we can see clearly what we have to offerThe book comes with worksheets and you will have to do the worksheet exercises to get the best from the book and what it contains However the worksheets are so well designed and easy to follow it helps the words and thoughts flow Do get this book if you need help moving forward in life to something positive I have gained a lot from it