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READER ✓ DOC Daredevil Vol 8 Echo Vision uest 9780785112327 ✓ [Reading] ➺ Daredevil Vol 8 Echo Vision uest Author David W. Mack – Maya Lopez aka Echo a deaf young woman capable of assimilating an individual s fighting style by sight and who nearly took down Daredevil makes heTely altered can she make sense of the world? Echo embarks on a Native American vision uest to pick up the pieces of her shattered life Collects DAREDEVIL #51 It took me years to get my sister to read this comic even though I knew she'd love it even though it was one of my favorites I talked it up I tried to tell her that it illustrated everything that she'd told me about being Deaf does it accurately and beautifully She doesn't love the medium of comics so it took some convincing but she was shocked when she finally picked it up She saw exactly what I was trying inadeuately to tell herThere are two levels on which this works and the first in my opinion typifies the kinds of characters the Daredevil title has always been drawn to or vice versa At the climax of this story about soul searching Echo aka Maya Lopez Wilson Fisk's sort of adopted daughter goes on the titular vision uest She runs into Logan after four days of fasting and mediatingLogan tells her a story about a man who feels as if he has two dogs inside of him fighting one is trust and love and good instincts the other is fear and anger the dredges of our human instincts When asked which dog wins the man answers the one I feed the most It has a special significance to Maya but to the larger Daredevil universe it can be applied to almost every character who comes in and out of Matt's life as well as Matt himself As she considers this the duality of nature and the struggle between it she thinks also of superheroes and how she patterned herself after them wanted to be them and tellingly the two shown in that panel are Frank Castle and Elektra two who have allowed death hatred and negativity rule them Matt is naturally the other side of this and though Maya teeters between the two by the end of the comic she has her answersThe artwork is astounding and I've seen it called experimental in format which betrays a misunderstanding a basic misunderstanding about disability What people want is disability seen from the perspective of an ablebodied person streamlined and formatted for them But the art in these issues matches the text and illustrates perfectly Maya's thoughts and the way she sees the world In Mack's artwork colors do make a sound the visuals speak for themselvesIt's interesting to note that Mack at the time often used as subject matter disability or neurodivergence and the comic as a whole at the time was interested in exploring disability not just Matt'sA uietly touching story told with absolute originality

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Entire life was once defined by her belief that DAREDEVIL killed her father and that the KINGPIN could help her achieve justice Now with her perceptions comple Story wise?Not so goodArt wise?VERY VERY GOODIf my rating was based on the story I'd give this a 25 But because of the art the rating is now a big fat 4The story telling is also uite interesting and is best compared to Bendis' first take on DD You know that really short arc a little before that terrible terrible arc?So this is basically a filler arc probably written so that Bendis could take a break from his spectacular runIt's about Echo deaf girl Daredevil's ex girlfriend who comes back to Hell's Kitchen then ummm Not sure if the Vision uest took place before or after she returned? Anyway she embarks on one of thoseAs I said these story isn't anything wow but the way its told is uite different though annoying at times Especially since I read it on a laptop and had to turn the thing upside down at timesOh and one of Marvel's most famous heroes makes an abrupt appearance Pssst here's a very obvious hint view spoiler SNIKT hide spoiler

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Daredevil Vol 8 Echo Vision uestMaya Lopez aka Echo a deaf young woman capable of assimilating an individual s fighting style by sight and who nearly took down Daredevil makes her return Her In a story break from DD's intense personal problems the deaf mimic Echo first seen in Mack's Parts of a Hole returns to see about rekindling things with Matt who tells her he's now involved with Milla Confused and aimless Echo returns to the reservation of her father setting out on a vision uest to find her place in the world Wolverine guest stars as Echo's spirit animal who also struggles with his inner natureMack's continued character study of Echo aka Maya Lopez is extremely personal and moving helped uite a bit by Mack's creative use of images objects and art styles to create a vivid expression of an extraordinary woman The one and two star ratings for this I see at the top of the heap are blowing my mind I guess having certain expectations out of a story can really override uality and uniueness for some reviewers True DD is barely in this volume True there's a lot of exposition of Echo's life and very little action But as with Mack's previous writing and art he is amazing at evoking reality through his non traditional style and his storytelling is great If you want a portrait of one of DD's most interesting guest characters this is the volume