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READ & DOWNLOAD ´ Sweet Seduction ´ ✤ [Download] ➼ Sweet Seduction By Daire St. Denis ➶ – All it takes is one sweet taste Daisy Sinclair knows how to make a guy moan with raw pleasure She should as owner of the best damn bakery in Chicago Her cinnamon buns are borderline orgasmic Of cours All iAll it takes is one sweet taste Daisy Sinclair knows how to make a guy moan with raw pleasure She should as owner of the best damn bakery in Chicago Her cinnamon buns are borderline orgasmic Of course standing in front of the city's bigges. I fucking loved Jamie 4 sweet and delicious stars I have to admit that the name and cover drew me in first I'm glad I read this because it was much better than I thought it was going to be There's misunderstandings struggles and some seriously hot passion Daisy is a great baker dealing with the loss of her grandmother the divorce from her jerk of an ex husband and keeping the bakery afloat When she meets Jamie he is impersonating his brother to do a review of her bakery Their first meeting is hilarious considering Daisy's state of dress When he leaves she has a reuest from him to attend an event Jamie didn't expect to be attracted to the bakery owner when he said he would do his brother a favor Nor did he think he'd end up banging her in the back of the bakery and asking her to join him at an event Jamie's a lawyer by trade and planned to explain the truth to Daisy upon seeing her again but that goes when she runs into his brother before him The story follows as Daisy and Jamie form a relationship and go through outside issues together Daisy doesn't get the ending most would think but it is still a great ending She's happy successful and in love There was no trading one for the other and that is winning in and of itself


Urves and Jamie knows only that he wants to have his cake and Daisy too Attraction mixed with deception is a recipe for disaster the naughtiest hottest kind imaginable And there's no way Jamie can resist being sent to bedwith Daisy as desse. This is my first book I've read by Daire St Denis and all I can say is wildly hot romantic and a real pager turner If you looking for a book that is good with endearing characters you can't help but love Sweet Seduction is the book for you A sexy must readI received a courtesy copy of this book for an honest review

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Sweet SeductionT and sexy as hell food critic in her skivvies isn't the most professional first impression Especially when he has a wicked glint in his eye Jamie Forsythe isn't exactly a food critic his twin brother is One look at Daisy's mouthwatering c. My review cross posted from Wit and Sin sweet baker with some serious skills in the kitchen meets a sexy lawyer with eually serious skills in the bedroom in Sweet Seduction Daire St Denis will make you crave cinnamon buns from Nana Sin’sand perhaps will also leave you wanting a certain handsome lawyer for your own as well Sweet Seduction starts off as a simply case of deception Jamie’s twin Colin is a renowned food critic who has run into some problems He needs Jamie to do the write up on Nana Sin’s and good brother that he is Jamie agrees Jamie doesn’t expect the instant attraction he feels for Daisy and now he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place Fortunately the deception doesn’t last long which enables readers to sit back and enjoy Daisy and Jamie’s romance It’s easy to like both our hero and heroine – they’re likeable hardworking characters and they have great chemistry in and out of the bedroomWhere Sweet Seduction falters for me isn’t the romance but the obstacles in Jamie and Daisy’s path There are a lot of them in a relatively short book Daisy’s divorce and the ethical grey areas Jamie jumps into as a lawyer in this plotline the threat of losing Nana Sin’s Daisy’s issues with her mother Jamie’s concerns about his brother and Jamie’s past wounds that haven’t healed all vie for page space Fortunately the multiple issues Jamie and Daisy must face don’t overtake the romance Unfortunately there is so much going on that none of it is ever truly fleshed out This does the story a disservice and left me wanting If the book was longer or there were fewer backstoriessubplots relevant to it the story would have been a far satisfying read Still Daisy and Jamie were likeable characters their romance was steamy and I enjoyed the supporting characters in Sweet Seduction so much that I will definitely be reading the seuel Big Sky Seduction FTC Disclosure I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review