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An intergalactic odyssey of love ambition and self discoveryOrphaned as a boy raised in the Czech countryside by his doting grandparents Jakub Procházka has risen from small time scientist to become the country's first astronaut When a dangerous solo mission to Venus offers him both the chance at heroism he's dreamt of and a way to atone for his father's sins as a Communist informer he ventures Existence runs on energy a fluid movement forward yet we never stop seeking the point of origin the Big Bang that set us upon our inevitable course Jakub Procházka the first Czech in space is sent on a solo mission to collect dust from the mysterious Chopra cloud The long journey through the cosmos gives him plenty of time to ponder the state of his marriage His wife Lenka is getting increasingly distant during their chats One day Lenka goes into hiding and doesn't show up for their weekly call Devastated by her disappearance he sinks into a deep depression That's when a Nutella loving alien spider appears Jakub names him Hanuš after a Czech clockmaster Is Hanuš real or a figment of his imagination perhaps a personification of his fears Jakub's conversations with Hanuš help him assess his life and determine what drove him to this point Can this expedition into the unknown help him overcome his father's sins Will he survive the dangerous journey and return home Even if he finds his way back to Earth will Lenka remain permanently out of reach Wasn’t all life a form of phantom being given its involuntary origin in the womb No one could guarantee a happy life a safe life a life free of violations external or eternal Yet we exited birth canals at unsustainable speeds eager to live floating away to Mars at the mercy of Spartan technology or living simpler lives on Earth at the mercy of chance We lived regardless of who observed us who recorded us who cared where we went Spaceman of Bohemia is a mix of science fiction history politics and philosophy Sometimes I saw shades of Kurt Vonnegut Hanuš and Anthony Marra Jakub's childhood The story takes a messier path than I usually prefer but it actually worked for me here It fits with the way Hanuš interacts with Jakub's memories and mirrors the tangled web of human history Jakub's journey shifts halfway through I preferred the first half There was less room for humor in the second half I also missed some of the characters from the beginning The writing was always gorgeous but sometimes too ornate for me I'd get lost in a sentence and have to start over or I'd lose sight of Jakub during the philosophical ruminations I started to see the author's hand in the second half but it was still a pleasure to read “You know that the world is always trying to take us This country that country We can’t fight the whole world the ten million of us so we pick the people we think should be punished and we make them suffer the best we can In one book your father is a hero In another book he is a monster The men who don’t have books written about them have it easier” Czechoslovakia's Velvet Revolution the bloodless overthrow of the authoritarian Communist government in 1989 marks a turning point in Jakub's life Jakub's father was a member of the secret police; he informed on his neighbors and participated in torture Once the Communists lose power the man who was feared becomes a target After his death Jakub and his grandparents face the full brunt of the community's resentment Jakub considers himself the biological carrier of his father’s curse Every step he takes is intended to overcome his father's mistakes Are our parents' flaws embedded in our DNA destining us to repeat their mistakes One character notices that Jakub and his father share the same terminal decision to serve Would Jakub's father have always been attracted to brutality or could his worst impulses be harnessed for good in the right conditions Is Jakub proof that his father's actions were borne out of circumstance Love could turn us all into war criminalsOne of Jakub's biggest fears is being a nobody It's part of why he's so intent on having children Jakub sees firsthand how the things that drive us can also destroy us As good as Jakub tries to be he isn't perfect He's willing to trample over other people to survive and I can't say I blamed him He imagines a man tortured for selfish means He even has Lenka followed despite feeling guilty about it Jakub was completely blindsided by Lenka's disappearance His travels caused some strain on their relationship but he thought that their love was enough to hold them together He was too caught up in his own goals to notice that his marriage might not be going as well as he thought People become abstractions And the things weighing on you become clear That’s why people are so afraid to be away from each other I think The truth begins to creep in The physical distance between Jakub and Lenka deepens cracks in a marriage already on a shaky foundation How could he have been so distant from the person he thought he was closest to How could he have been so unaware of what was going on right in front of him  It was exhilarating all of it—was existence alone not revolution Our efforts to establish routines in the nature that forbade them to understand depths we could never reach to declare truths even as we collectively snicker at the word’s virginal piousness What a mess of contradictions the gods created when they graced us with self awareness  Why are we here Is a life made most meaningful by a person's achievements or the intimate relationships they make along the way Who has it better in life those who live simple lives or those whose names are still uttered because of their contributions to society Is living a uiet life enough Jakub expresses wonderment at humanity's unstoppable march forward When he looks at Old Town Suare in Prague he sees all of its iterations through the decades the things that change for the good the things that change for the worse and the things that only change on the surface Life is messy but alway moving He feels an overwhelming love of humanity and a sense of pride to be a part of it all He sees the value in people who propel us forward without any thought to self preservation but also in those who keep moving forward with their day to day lives despite everything going around them As driven as Jakub was to explore the unknowns of space he realizes there are many mysteries to explore on the Earth too In a way we are all exploring the unknown feeling our way through the dark How unlikely Yet here we are Isolation makes Jakub see what he values and what he really wants out of his life Will Jakub get a second chance to live for himself He'll have to confront many uncomfortable truths first Like with many of these stories packed with lots of big ideas I'm not confident that I absorbed everything It was a messy beautiful journey very much like lifeI received this book for free from Netgalley and Little Brown and Company in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review It's available nowAnother uote that struck me but I couldn't work it into my review The greatness of a nation is in its symbols its gestures in doing things that are unprecedented It’s why the Americans are falling behind—they built a nation on the idea of doing new things and now they’d rather sit and pray that the world won’t make them adapt too much

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Spaceman of BohemiaN the pair form an intense and emotional bond Will it be enough to see Jakub through a clash with secret Russian rivals and return him safely to Earth for a second chance with LenkaRich with warmth and suspense and surprise Spaceman of Bohemia is an exuberant delight from start to finish Very seldom has a novel this profound taken readers on a journey of such boundless entertainment and sheer fun Jaroslav Kalfar’s debut novel “Spaceman of Bohemia” has been compared to the extremely popular novel “The Martian” but Kalfar’s novel is far superior I understand the comparison both novels are about lone men in space whose solitary “Robinson Crusoe” style adventures find them stranded on their journeys of exploration While it's enjoyable for some of the plot and scientific detail I thought “The Martian” mostly came across as repetitive and it's suffused with a particularly foul stench of macho bravado By contrast “Spaceman of Bohemia” is thoughtful continuously compelling and says something intelligent about the progress of civilizationThe hero is Jakub Procházka an astrophysicist with a speciality in cosmic dust which makes him the perfect candidate for the Czech Republic’s first mission into outer space A comet from another galaxy has streamed through our own solar system leaving a curious cloud between Venus and Earth which has stained our night time sky purple An opportunistic Czech minister sees a chance for his nation to enter the space race and collect samples of this strange material by sending Jakub on his solitary mission on a second hand space shuttle The results are bizarrely thrilling unexpected and turn into a personal journey which prompts Jakub to survey his position in his own nation’s tumultuous historyRead my full review of Spaceman of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfař on LonesomeReader

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Ebook ✓ Spaceman of Bohemia ¶ 277 pages Download Î Eyltransferservices Ù ❰Ebook❯ ➠ Spaceman of Bohemia Author Jaroslav Kalfar – Eyltransferservices.co.uk An intergalactic odyssey of love ambition and self discoveryOrphaned as a boy raised in the Czech countryBoldly into the vast unknown But in so doing he leaves behind his Spaceman of ePUB #241 devoted wife Lenka whose love he realizes too late he has sacrificed on the altar of his ambitionsAlone in Deep Space Jakub discovers a possibly imaginary giant alien spider who becomes his unlikely companion Over philosophical conversations about the nature of love life and death and the deliciousness of baco I found this book uite refreshing it was the small things I love the added flavor of all the brands he mentions the walks around the city the true rural country side stories I know the racket there is every time someone slaughters a pig but with the knife the bullshit you had to deal with during socialism and other million small thing that you just don't get in American novels The first half of the book was brilliant Author used the wast distance of space to ask a lot of important uestions about ourselves such as our humanity loneliness madness what makes a life worth living social contracts changing societal norms freedom inherited guilt and national identity Oh and there might or might not be a First contact situation going onUnfortunately the second half of the book briefly turns into a sci fi spy thriller that just yanked me out of the story and it still makes me unsure of my rating for this book the rating has changed a few times and will change a few times