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Handling Susannah Mail Order Grooms Book 1 reader Ñ doc Free ´ ❂ Handling Susannah Mail Order Grooms Book 1 kindle Epub ❆ Author Amelia Smarts – Eyltransferservices.co.uk Rancher Adam Harrington wants to marry a wholesome virginal bride with a sweet disposition When he reads a young woman’s unusO could benefit from some time over his knee Susannah feels outraged by Adam’s authoritative ways but his dominant handling in the bedroom leaves her trembling with desire Will she learn to accept his firm leadership and expectations? And will Adam grow to love the woman who differs so drastically from the kind of wife he thought he wanted?Warning Handling Susannah is an historical western romance containing sexual scenes and domestic discipline including punishment spanking If these themes offend you please don’t buy this bo I truly enjoyed this story it's had a great story plot I was hooked from the first page I love the connection between both main character great steamy love scene I didn't want this book to end

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Rancher Adam Harrington wants to marry a wholesome virginal bride with a sweet disposition When he reads a young woman’s unusual advertisement reuesting a mail order cowboy as her groom he thinks they might be a good match so he writes her a telegram She pens a favorable response accepting him as her future husbandWhen Susannah Smith’s father beueathed his ranch to her it was under one condition She must be married For Virginia City’s fallen woman finding a man to marry is no easy feat The men in town who seek to court the 💝 FREE on today 11302017 💝

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Handling Susannah Mail Order Grooms Book 1Hot tempered unwed mother are sluggards and drunks not the kind of men capable of running a ranch Desperate to find a suitable husband or else lose everything she expands her search by listing an ad in the paperWhen Adam and Susannah meet the attraction between them is undeniable but it’s soon followed by wariness Susannah had planned to marry a man who would do her bidding not take over everything It’s her ranch after all Eually befuddled Adam thought he’d be marrying a woman who knows her place not a temperamental brat wh This was an alluring delightful and bewitching love storyOnce again I find myself being enraptured by Amelia Smarts writing Her smart and skilled writing enthral me and already after the first couple of lines she has a chain around my neck and I'm following her like a puppy on a leash Susannah Smith is a young woman who has to find a husband if she wants to keep the ranch her father left her His will states that she has to be married within the first year after his death or else she'll lose the farm Because she is a smart woman she puts an ad in the newspaper looking for a mail order husband She wants a husband she can control and she wants a man who does as she tells him to doShe chooses four men who have responded to the add and make them come to her that way she can pick the one that seems to be just right for her What she doesn't foresee is Adam Harrington and his calm magnetism that draws her to him like a bee to honey She knows he is definitely not the man she is seeking but her desire for him is stronger than her mind and she ends up choosing him There is no doubt that Susannah picks the right man even though he won't be told what to do because he takes control right from the first minute they are togetherHe is a real alpha male and she must take the sweet with the sour She must learn to obey and do as she is told If she doesn't he spanks her until she understands Adam is an attractive alpha hunk His commanding logic is captivating luring and tempting and he made my knees go weak The way he controlled the stubborn and spoiled Susannah was a delight and how he loved her was mesmerizing They both didn't get exactly what they dreamed of but as the story unfolded they discovered that reality sometimes is much better than dreams I'm utterly captivated by Amelia Smarts storytelling and I just can't seem to get enough Please give me Thanks to the author for this charming advanced copy