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Download Decent Interval é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ö [Read] ➻ Decent Interval ➸ Frank Snepp – The onetime CIA information analyst in Saigon provides a closely recorded account of the American withdrawal from Saigon criticizing in detail the self serving activities and unnDetail the self serving activities and unnecessary miseries involved. Funny I was prompted to review this book whilst sitting in Saigon having read it in the UK many weeks ago Saigon and the world have moved on now Many of the old haunts have gone and memories faded Most Vietnamese have no memory of pre 1986 reform communism let alone the warFrank Snepps's account propels you back to 1970s Vietnam and was written whilst fresh in his memory Tales of single handed heroism miscalculation lunacy dishonesty betrayal politicking it's all there You know the outcome before you start helicopters leaving from rooftops and communist tanks rolling through the gates of the presidential palace Snepp tells you how this was allowed to happen joining the dots between the Nixon bombing of 1972 and the final conclusion For all the documentaries around this does seem to be one of the best accounts of this particular failure of US foreign policy during this time not to mention the collapse of a country

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The onetime CIA information analyst in Saigon provides a closely rec. As a Vietnam Veteran and member of the intel community with the Air Force for four years and later in the Army another 8 I discovered this book uite by accident and damn glad I did I flew on intel combat sorties out of Tan Son Nhut Air Base on the north side of Saigon I was in Saigon for 20 months and had a lot of familiarity with the city I later went back to Saigon later renamed Ho Chi Minh City to many other's and my chagrin and lived there for six years However the narrative in Decent Interval is compelling The bravery of so many who tried to help local Vietnamese who faithfully served the Americans in Vietnam and their ultimate betrayal at not being helped to escape is offset by the typical deceit of the Communist North Vietnamese aided by the Machiavellian machinations of another betrayer Henry Kissinger the cowardice of American presidents in not keeping to the word of the US to help if the going got tough and the ultimate betrayal and ultimate cowardice of the American public who simply washed their hands of Southeast Asia Vietnam in particularSnepp's 580 page hardback was a compelling read Since I tried to get back to Saigon in mid April 1975 to help family get out I was stymied by the system and by the airlines in trying to get a ticket to Saigon during the last couple of fateful weeks So reading Snepp's book gave me a deep insight into the ultimate chaos that ensued and the actors behind the stonewalling of the evacuationIf you want an in depth chronicle of the final couple of months of the Republic of Vietnam as told by the most credible source I have come across then I highly recommend Decent Interval If you want a one sided story of those who try to cover their asses during that period then look to the PBS American Experience video that won't reveal the whole truth of what happened

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Decent IntervalOrded account of the American withdrawal from Saigon criticizing in. This is an excellent factual account of the fall of Vietnam which occurred in 1975 The source is impeccable Frank Snepp was the chief strategic analyst for the CIA during the last 3 years of the war He had previously served in Vietnam for 2 years also with the CIA I served in Vietnam in the Army during 1971 and 1972 and can corroborate many of the events describedI also share the author's perspective on the factors that led to the downfall of South Vietnam and the conclusion that it was a uestion of when not if The war was in essence unwinnable in the manner that the United States was waging it This book also brings to light the disgraceful manner in which we conducted our exit and the unconscionable way in which we abandoned the loyal Vietnamese who had served us so wellIt is a remarkable book which I highly recommend to all In my opinion it is an objective account of that period written from a uniue perspective It is must reading for anyone who wants to learn the truth of the last years of that war how and why it ended in defeat and our disgraceful departure