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Download à PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Kim Harrison M vorlauten Pixie gründet sie eine eigene AgenturDoch als Rachels ehemaliger Chef ihr ein Tötungskommando auf den Hals hetzt sieht sie nur einen Weg um ihre Haut zu retten Sie muss Trent Kalamack den gefährlichsten Gangster der Stadt als Rauschgiftschmuggler überführen Der aber hat seine eigenen Plän. I chuckled twice while reading the book You know how likely that a funny writer decides to write urban fantasy The chances are a hundred to one probably What's the matter Trent Jealous was a very funny uip The parts where Rachel was captive were among the most transcendental bits of a genre that I've barely explored but did so so far to meager rewards Now that I've got an entire series of good books waiting in the wings I'll read them one after the other starting soon That's a promise to myself

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Dead Witch Walking Download ¾ 106 à ✵ Dead Witch Walking Epub ✸ Author Kim Harrison – Nach einer weltumspannenden Seuche hat sich das Leben auf der Erde grundlegend verändert Die magischen Wesen sind aus dem Schatten getreten Vampire Kobolde und andere Untote machen die Straßen unsic Nach einer weltu Nach einer weltumspannenden Seuche hat sich das Leben auf der Erde grundlegend verändert Die magischen Wesen sind aus dem Schatten getreten Vampire Kobolde und andere Untote machen die Straßen unsicherDies ist die Geschichte der Hexe und Kopfgeldjägerin Dead Witch PDF Rachel Morgan deren Job es ist dies. “Making a spell is easy It's trusting you did it right that's hard” McCree from Overwatch voice Dead Witch Walking is just a product of its time and it just reads like an early 2000s PNRUF story I guarantee if I read this back when I was in love with the Fever series the Kate Daniels series and the Riley Jenson Guardian series then I would have enjoyed this way than I did Sadly we are in 2019 and the true fact is that this didn’t age well in my opinion But I still had a lot of fun reading this one This is a story about a witch named Rachel who works as a bounty hunter for a pretty slimy boss But while on a mission she and a coworker find a Leprechaun who grants them three wishes and one of Rachel’s wishes is to uit her job but the coworker Ivy leaves with her and this bit of the bargain really upsets her boss Like upsets her boss so much that she now has a hit mark on her Ivy Rachel and Jinx Rachel’s Pixie sidekick all flee to an abandoned church where Rachel and Ivy soon find out that Rachel’s blood is causing uite the reaction with vampires And we get to see all the spells that Rachel is able to brew up and she brews up some really cool things so that she can protect herself and try to uncover why her ex boss wants to seek vengeance on her so badly My biggest complaint is how Ivy was handled in this book Like I don’t want to get that deep into this but Ivy is a Asian vampire who isn’t doing things that most vampires in this world do But she is really enthralled by Rachel’s blood and in turn Rachel kind of finds it a bit hard to resist Ivy too at least at the start Like if Rachel and Ivy would have gotten together I obviously would have been ecstatic and I actually thought the story was going in that direction but the narrative uickly shifted to be all about how Rachel would get Ivy to not be attracted to her while she admired every guy that enters the story And the scenes were getting and uncomfortable with Ivy from Rachel’s perspective and I just really started hated it so very much This is without a doubt the reason it was hard for me to ever enjoy this book honestly Also who the fuck would not want to be with Ivy Like how unbelievable My favorite part of this book was how an angel virus made this world almost apocalyptic where humans are for sure not in control and all the paranormal entities are not in hiding because they were immune to it and now are for sure the major population I just thought that was such a cool spin and really added to this world and made it something special Overall I really did think this was a fun read just a product of its time with some of the offensive lingo and the strange ueerbaiting But I would totally continue on because I am really curious to see where this story goes next Also I loved the setting of the abandoned church so much Oh and if it wasn’t obvious I sort of completely fell in love with Ivy Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | Twitch Content and trigger warnings for many conversations that treated food very weirdly and triggering murder death animal abuse animal fighting rings and assault Buddy read with Julie from Pages and Pens ❤

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Dead Witch WalkingE finsteren Kreaturen zur Strecke zu bringen Eines Tages hat Rachel jedoch genug von ihrem wenig aussichtsreichen Job in der magischen Sicherheitsbehörde von Cincinnati und kündigt Gemeinsam mit der abgeklärten Vampirin Ivy auf deren Enthaltsamkeitsgelübde man sich nicht verlassen sollte und Jenks eine. 35 shadowed starsMy head tells me 3 stars but my heart says 4 Which makes an average of 35 but you knew that alreadyWOWYes that is the reaction I had after starting Dead Witch Walking great title by the way I was so surprised while discovering every ‘creature’ this book contains There are witches vampires trolls apparently fairies PIXIES PIXIES guys There are PIXIES Plus one of them is an important character of the story I’m talking about this one On the left we have Ivy vampire and on the rightwait for itRACHEL witch And in between cute little pixie JenksSo the world building was an A for me in the UF genre The Fever series used to be in the lead on the very very top for the world building but The Hollows definitely took its position Sorry dear Rachel wasn’t the best female lead ever I prefer MacKayla Lane way better than her but she sure has her charm I just thought she was really acting stupidly and recklessly at some times Like when she transformed herself in a mink and didn’t plan a way of turning back immediately if being caught Maybe she just couldn’t but it annoyed me still That brings another small issue I had with this bookIt’s slow It was actually my first time as I remember reading an UF book that slow The ones I usually read are fast paced or have lots of action events happening or mysteries to be solved Yeah I did lose interest when she was a mink BUT it’s the only time I did lose interest because I just couldn’t before with the world building being so amazing I don’t really like shape shifters I don’t find anything interesting in reading a book with a person transforming herself into an animal Although that’s very personal so maybe it won’t be a bother for you as much as it was for meI know I criticize this book than I should but I did like it a lot and I will read the seuels very soon for sure It had few SMALL flaws though Another one of them is it not having many IMPORTANT sexy hot charming and irresistible male characters There are some random ones but they don’t really last I heard though that this book is actually not the best in the series so I look very forward to seeing how it’ll go and especially some development please in Rachel’s character The writing was fabulous and just utterly perfect and surprisingly better than I expected I read every book in Kim Harrison’s trilogy for YA Madison Avery and it didn’t uite work for me I mean it was interesting the main subject but the characters weren’t as much developed and ‘alive’ as I hoped Also in the Madison Avery series slowness was very too much present and this time frustratingly slow I don’t recommend that series if you have a big TBR pile Was just OK I do however recommend Death Witch Walking with sparkly eyes and a big smile