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FREE PDF è BOOK Blue Skies ´ EYLTRANSFERSERVICES ↠ ❮Reading❯ ➶ Blue Skies Author Catherine Anderson – Carly Adams feels as if she's been given a new lease on life Born with a rare eye disease she was blind until a recent operation restored her sight Now she's eager to eEyed beauty into marrying him With her radiant smile and remarkable goodness Carly is exactly the kind of wife he's always imagined by his side But if Hank wants their practical arrangement to become permanent he's going to have to convince Carly that one moment of risk can bring about a lifetime of jo Carly is finally able to see after receiving eye surgery After a one night stand she ends up pregnant with the hero's baby The pregnancy however could cause her to go blind again I liked the book and the plot but I felt that there was too much blame on the hero for accidentally getting her pregnant

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Carly Adams feels as if she's been given a new lease on life Born with a rare eye disease she was blind until a recent operation restored her sight Now she's eager to experience everything the world has to offer including the sweet talk of a handsome cowboy who rouses her with desire But she isn't prepa This book irked me a little I didn't like the way a lot of the characters behaved and when they started behaving better it got a little too sappy for me Carly the heroine just had surgery that's given her vision after being blind all her life Two weeks after the surgery she goes to a bar and gets knocked up by Hank Coulter She was told that getting pregnant right after the surgery would be very bad and now she's going to go blind again can't afford to take care of the baby on the way and her plans to go to grad school are ruined Hank offers to marry her she accepts they slowly fall in love blablablaEveryone was so irresponsible in this book Carly most of all but she's portrayed mainly as a victimmartyr It really annoys me that knowing she wasn't supposed to get pregnant she still went to that cowboy bar and then had sex with a total stranger in the back of a truck I don't care how vulnerable she was it was stupid Then when she realizes she's pregnant she won't even consider abortion Okay it's a sensitive topic but not only did she have no way of supporting a child it was going to ruin her future When an opportunity to salvage her future and take care of her kid half presents itself in Hank trying to help she pushes him away again and again until he finally has to blackmail her I just can't stand Carly In addition most of the book is spent with everyone blaming Hank for getting her pregnant She does eventually admit to bearing some of the blame but it comes so late I can't give her much credit for it For a character who's soooooo strong willed and independent and all it took her long enough to realize she had a little personal accountability for the situation

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Blue SkiesRed for the conseuences especially when a night of searing passion results in a pregnancy that threatens her eyesight and all her dreams for the future Hank Coulter has no plans to settle down until he discovers that Carly Adams is carrying his child Obsessed with making things right he bullies the blue I really like this book So far every book in the series has been EXCELLENT Anderson's stories are always so tender and sweet I love her less than perfect heroines who find their prince charming in the hunky cowboys who’d move heaven and earth for them I was so drawn into the story at page one Carly was blind all her life but recently went through surgery to regain her sight so when she first sees Hank Coulter at a local bar she thinks he’s the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen When he walks straight to her dances with her and calls her the most beautiful girl in the bar Carly gets caught up in the moment For the first time in her life the hottest guy has eyes only for her Who cares if he’s feeding her lines to get her in bed? She’s been blind all her life so she decides to go with it Both completely wasted they get hot and heavy and end up in the back seat of Hank’s truck When Hank realizes Carly was a virgin he swears under his tongue and passes out The next morning Hank wakes up in his truck with hangover and can’t believe what he’s done Weeks later Carly is pregnant but the pregnancy will have a negative effect on her sight and eventually she will lose her sight again completely There is no way Carly can finish school hold a job and care for a baby if she’s blind She does not want to have anything to do with Hank Coulter because he made an absolute fool of her but she has no other choice She has to contact him Hank steps up to his responsibilities and he won’t have his child growing up without a father They get married temporarily because it’s the only way he can afford to support Carly and the baby She doesn’t plan to love Hank after all it’s only a marriage of convenience but soon enough she’s madly in love with him Hank’s loved her all along She doesn’t want to burden him with a blind wife but Hank won’t live without her He’ll do anything to keep her with him Wow these cowboys they just don’t take no for an answer Once they have their minds set there is no changing it Love it Hank was so patient with Carly and he knew he had to make things right with her I really liked the part when Hank apologized with the flashcards It was so cute and very uniue Hank wasn’t the richest man and he was willing to give up everything for Carly He’d rather be in debt than live without her I really love this series and can’t wait to read the rest