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Bitten By DesireTwo lovers from rival packs Have they come together only to be forced apart Alec Knight a beta in the Regent’s Park pack guards his heart carefully Ghosts from his past keep him alone and angry any hope of a relationship impossible while guilt from the pack wars still haunts him With the anniversary drawing near Alec needs a distraction As a Bitten By Epublowly member o I am a big fan of the Regent's Pack series but this one so far is my favorite All books center around a different couple but I would advice to start with book 1 Bitten by Mistake since most of the world building is explained in that one It also has a continuing storyline in the backgroundIn the previous books we've had shifters pairing up with a human This time we get two shifters getting it on and let me tell you I am a fan Alec and Mark set the pages on fire P I'm going to fuck you hard and slow get you right to the edge then I am going to finger you while I swallow your come Then I am going to fuck your mouth Both Alec and Mark were introduced in the previous books Alec is a Beta for the Regent's Pack while Mark is part of P Pack This should make them enemiesonly they are notAlec is known in his pack as the uiet broody and even scary Beta There is a reason for this though and it's not who he really is Alec is still struggeling with events from the past and the closer he gets to the anniversary of these eventsthe itchier he gets He needs a distraction And who would be better to distract himself with than Mark the very hot and cute member of the P pack he saved recently It's just sex after allMark is still feeling off balance after almost being attacked in book 2 He knows things are not as they should be within his pack and his Alpha's behavior is making him and suspicious But Mark doesn't have any say so he tries to just follow orders and take attention away from himself Deciding to have a steamy night with their enemy's Beta might not fall into that plan exactlyWhat should only have been a steamy encounter to releave stress leads to much but it also leads to many complicationsThese two become closer with every intimate encounter and a bond starts to form But how are they supposed to be together when their Packs are enemiesAlec is extremely loyal to his Alpha and he won't do anything to jeopardize his Pack Mark may not want to follow his Alpha but he isn't given a choiceThese two were really awesome together They were HOT as hell but there was this sweetness to them that had me swooning I love how protective Alec was of Mark The suspence had me on the edge of my seat especially towards the end and I could not stop reading I can't wait to see what's next Highly recommended series My reviews are posted on DirtyBooksObsession

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H other with accusations and lies Alec and Mark work out their frustrations in bed Pillow talk and shared secrets lead to a closeness neither was expecting but when pack relations reach an all time low any future for them seems out of the uestionIf they want to be together they’ll have to go against their alphas’ wishes except Alec won’t and Mark can’tApprox words 5 stars for this one This is one of my favourite shifter series and this book just blows book 1 2 out of the water it's so so so so good You feel the Alec and Mark's connection straight away and their chemistry is off the charts there are some really sweet moments too Alec is big softy and I love him Right up to the end I had no clue what was going to happen it was real edge of the seat stuff by far the best Annabelle Jacobs book to date

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Bitten By Desire Book ð 311 pages ´ Eyltransferservices º ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Bitten By Desire By Annabelle Jacobs ✰ – Two lovers from rival packs Have they come together only to be forced apart Alec Knight a beta in the Regent’s Park pack guards his heart carefully GhostF the Primrose Hill pack Mark Appleton isn’t used to having his alpha’s attention Lately he’s had than his fair share and not for the right reasons Despite growing suspicions that all is not well Mark tries hard to do better but constant criticism leaves him desperate for a stress outletSex is a good way for shifters to let off steam and while their packs attack eac 4 StarsTold in dual POV 3rd person it’s the third installment in the Regent's Park Pack series and should be read in order Compare to the other two books in the series this one was less emotional and action Well they told Alec has a reputation for being a cold hearted arsehole but the thing is I didn’t see that in Alec Actually he was pretty sweet It’s well paced and a bit angsty Overall I had a good time reading this and hope you enjoy it as well