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Henceforth the Bad AngelY And when Roman Nose trapped the Solomon Avengers in the dry fork of the Arikaree Gabriel and the Buffalo Soldiers came for usThis odyssey will be not be complete until I come to Nicodemus Kansas to atone for a terrible sin and face a mystery I was too coward to solve for much of my life The Bad Angel came into my heart on cat’s feet and I fear for my immortal soul HENCEFORTH the BAD ANGEL is the told by Michael Craddock and his adopted slave brother Gabriel during the Kansas Territory rise to statehood and through it's Statehood Well written the novel introduces historic figures that played important roles during those times The novel follows two young men as they become friends from different backgrounds and from a brotherly relationalship into the Civil war as messengers for the Union Army Later Gabriel fights as a Buffalo Solider and Michael joins a small Scout outfit lead by Sandy Forsyth to lure Cheyenne raiders into a fightThe book is very informative about the conditions along the Kansas Border War The story line brings the reader into the history of the struggles Kansas faced by following these two boys who become of age during some of the troubled times of America

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He Bad Angel in his heart But we hid that day rather than be killed At Westport and Mine Creek we saw ten thousand cavalry swinging sabers and carbines stirrup to stirrup out there on the prairieGabriel was with the 2nd Kansas Colored Volunteers when General Sterling Price gave no uarter to the Negro and the black soldiers took the vengeance in the mud at Jenkins Ferr Philip Brewster’s historical novel Henceforth the Bad Angel provides intimate insight into a troubled time before the Civil War that some Americans have heard of but few know in depth Bleeding Kansas Brewster has done exhaustive research on the period and he has cast the story with giant personalities such as John Brown uantrill New England abolitionists hunters of escaped slaves native American tribes who owned black slaves as well as momentous events such as stolen elections uncontrolled militias and of course the sack of Lawrence KansasA challenge is to personalize the terror and risk of living in isolated cabins and small hamlets on vast prairies where residents are subject to raids by brigands political zealots and undisciplined armies The author has brought home to the reader these threats through the experiences of two teenage friends Michael who is white and Gabriel who is black They witness the smuggling of weapons isolated settlers on both sides of the slavery issue killed and militias and regular military units giving no uarter to prisoners The juxtaposition of the boys’ points of views make for an interesting storyThe story is based on sound scholarship and will educate and entertain the reader

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Henceforth the Bad Angel kindle ´ eBook É [BOOKS] ✯ Henceforth the Bad Angel By Philip Brewster – Eyltransferservices.co.uk This is the iliad of Gabriel Craddock a slave boy held in bondage to the Osage Indians and his battles to save Kansas from the Missouri slavers General Sterling Price and Roman Nose the Dog Soldier I This is the iliad of Gabriel Craddock a slave boy held in bondage to the Osage Indians and his battles to save Kansas from the Missouri slavers General Sterling Price and Roman Nose the Dog Soldier I am Michael Craddock white man and brother to Gabriel As boys we fought together at the Swans’ Marsh and we were at Lawrence with Momma when uantrill came through with t I enjoyed this novel immensely With an avocation of military history I tend to be picky about details I certainly could not find one error in the historical setting of this book The book was obviously the result of a great deal of research In contrast to the author I grew up in neighboring Missouri but was also very interested in the less well known events of Civil War Missouri This author reminds me very much of another favorite writer of historical fiction of mine Owen Parry Ralph Peters another retired military officer who writes excellent civil war mystery fiction The descriptions of the fighting between slave holding interests versus abolitionist elements of the border states and then the additional elements of hostile Indians I suspect will be news to most everyone who are not themselves history geeks The atmosphere is just terrific you can smell and feel the smoke and blood and dust of Civil War mid west The pace of the plot and events moves fast keeping the reader interested until the end But the best parts of the book were the characters the historical figures and the fictional creations even the secondary figures seem vivid and convincing The book is well written and is easy to read Great dialog In summary this book is first rate from page one to the end and well worth picking up whether or not you normally read historical fiction This book is even impressive as a first novel Although I suspect this first novel has been decades in the making I personally look forward to the next product of this officer's historical imagination A fine reading experience