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Himself to their powerful minds A Short History of Nearly Everything is the record of this uest and it is a sometimes profound sometimes funny and always supremely clear and entertaining adventure in the realms of human knowledge as only Bill Bryson can render it Science has never been involving or entertainin A Short History of Nearly Everything Bill BrysonA Short History of Nearly Everything by American author Bill Bryson is a popular science book that explains some areas of science using easily accessible language that appeals so to the general public than many other books dedicated to the subject Bryson describes graphically and in layperson's terms the size of the universe and that of atoms and subatomic particles He then explores the history of geology and biology and traces life from its first appearance to today's modern humans placing emphasis on the development of the modern Homo sapiens Further he discusses the possibility of the Earth being struck by a meteorite and reflects on human capabilities of spotting a meteor before it impacts the Earth and the extensive damage that such an event would cause عنوانها تاریخچه تقریبا همه چیز؛ شرح مختصری از همه چیز؛ علم و سرگذشت آن؛ نویسنده بیل برایسون؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز ششم ماه جولای سال 2005 میلادیعنوان تاریخچه تقریبا همه چیز؛ نویسنده بیل برایسون؛ مترجم محمدتقی فرامرزی؛ تهران، مازیار، 1384، در 615 ص، شابک 9645676487؛ موضوع علوم به زبان ساده سده 21 معنوان شرح مختصری از همه چیز؛ نویسنده بیل برایسون؛ مترجم محمود زنجانی؛ تهران، دایره المعارف ایرانشناسی، 1388، در 512 ص، شابک 9786005204155؛عنوان علم و سرگذشت آن؛ نویسنده بیل برایسون؛ مترجم مجید عمیق؛ تهران، مهراب قلم کتابهای مهتاب، 1390، در 171 ص، شابک 9786001033636؛نقل از متن «نمیدانستم پروتون یا پروتئین چیست، کوارک را از کواسار تشخیص نمیدادم، نمیدانستم زمینشناسها چگونه میتوانند نگاهی به یک لایه از توده سنگ دیواره ی یک دره بیندازند، و عمر آن را تشخیص دهند، حقیقتاً هیچ چیز نمیدانستم یک اشتیاق آرام و خارق العاده، برای یاد گرفتن، و دانستن برخی نکات، درباره ی این موضوعات، و دریافتن اینکه تاکنون چند نفر توانسته اند از آنها سر درآورند، آرام آرام بر وجودم چیره شد این همواره بزرگترین شگفتی زندگی ام بوده است ـ دانشمندان چگونه از مسایل سر درمیآورند»؛ پایان نقل؛ ا شربیانی

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A Short History of Nearly EverythingIn Bryson's biggest book he confronts his greatest challenge to understand and if possible answer the oldest biggest uestions we have posed about the universe and ourselves Taking as territory everything from the Big Bang to the rise of civilization Bryson seeks to understand how we got from there being nothin Good grief if I had even one textbook half this enthralling in high school who knows what kind of impassioned ologist I would have grown up to be I hereby petition Bryson to re write all curriculum on behalf of the history of the worldI would run across things half remembered from midterms and study guides and think You mean this is what they were talking about? You have got to be kidding me It's never condescending always a joyIn fact what I loved most is the acute childlike sense of wonder seeping through the pages How fantastic little we know about the world in which we live All the great scientific leaps fallen through the cracks all the billions of leaps that will never be made every scientist who with an amiable grin shrugs to say I don't know We don't know Who has any idea? The world is a magically baffling enchanting place and after nearly everything there is infinitesimally

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A Short History of Nearly Everything Book é 544 pages ↠ ❴Reading❵ ➿ A Short History of Nearly Everything Author Bill Bryson – Eyltransferservices.co.uk In Bryson's biggest book he confronts his greatest challenge to understand—and if possible answer—the oldest biggest uestions we have posed aboG at all to there being us To that end he has attached himself to a host of the world’s most advanced and often obsessed archaeologists anthropologists and mathematicians travelling to their offices laboratories and field camps He has read or tried to read their books pestered them with uestions apprenticed Bryson's dead serious this is a history of pretty much everything there is the planet the solar system the universe as well as a history of how we've come to know as much as we do A book on science written by a non scientist this a perfect bridge between the humanities and the natural sciences A course in the history of science should be mandatory for every teenager and this should be the textbookYes it's a big chunky book No it can't be trimmed down any further when you're addressing cosmology earth science ecology and zoology with healthy doses of chemistry and physics plus the historical development of each you're going to end up with a doorstop of a text no matter how smoothly written The wonder of Bryson's writing is that the reader doesn't get lost in these sweeping surveys When name dropping Bryson always gives a short description of the person in uestion; if mentioned earlier in the book he drops in a uick reminder to the reader This is fabulously effective at giving the names some context not to mention a little personalityAnd indeed isn't that what science education needs most humanity and less intimidation? Those science phobes out there who freely admit their near complete ignorance of the subject should do themselves a favor and buy a copy of this book No don't get it from your library There's so much here you'll want to have a copy on hand to refer to laterTo those nerds in the audience myself included don't think your degrees mean you can pass this one over As hyper specialized as science has become it's refreshing as hell to step back and take a look at things with new eyes While there's not a lot here I haven't encountered before there's a lot of information about how our current theories were developed that I didn't knowAlso? It's heartening to read about the social ineptitude blind spots and how utterly incompetent many of these scientist were in other aspects of life Makes me feel better about never finishing that PhD at least I have a lifeThorough humorous engaging and educational what's not to like?