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Epub Ì The Marvelous Primordial State ï 304pages ´ ➹ [Download] ➵ The Marvelous Primordial State By Join or create book clubs ➼ – Eyltransferservices.co.uk The Marvelous Primordial State of Great Perfection is a profoundly important root text of the Mind series of Dzogchen Although this ancientChapters as The Supreme Source it teaches all the essential principles of Ati Dzogchen that can be subsumed in the view without fixations contemplation beyond concepts and the frui Apparently a lot of time went into this book It's a very important root textI opened it up and thought I would skip the introduction just to see how the text comes across It has a similarity to other Dzogchen texts and some Buddhist texts I can think of such as The Supreme Source Without the very thorough introduction most people would misinterpret it It is a good text and that's an understatement to buy to understand something about what Dzogchen is all abobut

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T that is not obtained by treading a path Therefore this book contains the essence of all sutras and tantras of the Buddha's teaching with nothing missing Our English translation o Seldom is an introduction as important to a book as in The Marvelous Primordial State The introduction provides a marvelous summary of the history of Dzogchen through the lineage holders then briefly discusses “The Mind Series of Dzogchen” and of course it’s necessary component “Bodhichitta” The next sections discuss its place among other Dzogchen texts a well written background summary of historical materialThe introduction changes nature at page 19 and becomes a chapter by chapter commentary on the text Taken by itself this is too little to be clear but taken with the text itself it becomes very rewarding It might be awkward reading a chapter of the text that begins at page 75 then flipping back to read the same chapter in the introduction but that’s my recommendation It allows first appreciating the poetic original then giving explanation and clarification Here’s a sample of what that way of reading the book would look likeFrom The Marvelous Primordial State text at page 111The definitive secret instruction is the meaning of the marvelous state The marvelous secret is that all phenomena originate from me are created by me expand from me and I manifest in them They emanate from me and are reabsorbed into the expanse of my natureI enjoy myself in all phenomena that originate from me I reveal and proclaim the greatness of myself in the ualities that arise from me I show the total self in the phenomena that originate from me As to their arising phenomena originate from me and are re absorbed into my expanse Not a single phenomenon exists that does not originate from me or is not meThen going back to The Introduction commentary at page 45The definitive instruction consists of the fact that just as waves arise from the ocean exist as the ocean and subside in the ocean all things originate from one’s self exist as one’s self and dissolve in one’s self Without renouncing anything enjoying the creations of one’s state one meets the true condition thus openly revealed as the all inclusive realityThe purist can begin by reading through the text in its entirety and then follow this procedure The student of Dzogchen won’t want to miss this treasure

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The Marvelous Primordial StateThe Marvelous Primordial State of Great Perfection is a profoundly important root text of the Mind series of Dzogchen Although this ancient text is not as large nor has it as many I really enjoyed this book We are here at the far end of Dzogchen so you have to be prepared For me the best part of the book are extensive notes from Nubchen Sangye Yeshe Apart from Longenpa I have never seen such enlightened comments