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reader á Imprudent King read ↠ join or create book clubs ´ [PDF] ✐ Imprudent King: A New Life of Philip II Author Join or create book clubs – Philip II is not only the most famous king in Spanish history but one of the most famous monarchs in English history the man who maPhilip II is not only the most famous king in Spanish history but one of the most famous monarchs in English history the man who married Mary Tudor and later launched the Spanish Armada against her sister Elizabeth I This compelling biography of the most powerful European monarch of his day begins with his conception 1526 and ends with his ascent to Paradise 1603 two occurrences surpr I'm an avid reader of what's new on medieval and renaissance Spain I'd recently read ueeen Isabella The Warrior ueen by Kirstin Downey and I thought that it would be a good idea to follow through with this biography of Philip II After all he was Isabella's great grandson I wasn't disappointed Mr Geoffrey Parker opens up a new side of El Prudente his obsessive nature always trying to keep matters under his control and trying to deal with tons of minutiae and documents The author also sheds light on the magnitude of the Spanish Empire at the time of Philip but what I most appreciated was the personal side that is highlighted by Parker the near incestuous marriages among the Spanish Habsburgs their deficient offspring including Philip's firstborn son who was deformed in body and mind as well as the last of the line Charles II The author also exposes Philip's neurosis regarding religion which of course can be traced right back to his great grandmother ueen IsabellaGrace in Simi Valley CA

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Ng  The book examines Philip's long apprenticeship; his three principal interests work play and religion; and the major political military and personal challenges he faced during his long reign Parker offers fresh insights into the causes of Philip's leadership failures was his empire simply too big to manage or would a monarch with different talents and temperament have fared better Yes it is a hefty tome The author attempts to cover every aspect of Philip's life the careful education of the prince by the foremost scholars of the time; his arranged marriages and his changing relationships to his wives and his family life; his determination and self assurance as a ruler of an expanding and sometimes contracting world power; his response to intrigue and betrayals; his building schemes and his collecting He managed to hold sway over everything and everybody discarding allies as soon as they were no longer what he wanted This book also reveals of Philip's relationship with the Duke of Alba a trusted adviser of Charles V a ruthless commander and maybe too sure of his own importance Parker's book shows far than just a picture of the Spanish king sometimes a disturbing portrait often far than is comfortable and what really does not fit with the image of the man occupied with loftier things His letters to his favorite daughter Caterina are just such an item A great book

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Imprudent King A New Life of Philip IIIsingly well documented by contemporaries Eminent historian Geoffrey Parker draws on four decades of research on Philip as well as a recent extraordinary archival discovery a trove of 3000 documents in the vaults of the Hispanic Society of America in New York City unread since crossing Philip's own deskthan four centuries ago Many of them change significantly what we know about the ki Parker uses newly released archives to draw a three dimensional portrait of this enigmatic monarch esp enjoyed the many direct uotes of frustrated contemporaries Philip reigned as an absolutist of uncompromising zealotry his legacy a cautionary lesson applicable today