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A vast archive of documents unread since the sixteenth century revises the portrait of Spains best known king Philip II is not only the most famous king in Spanish history but one of the most famous monarchs in English history the man who married Mary Tudor and later launched the Spanish Armada against her sister Elizabeth I This compelling biography of the most powerful European monarch of his day begins with his conc Phillip II of Spain ruled over what was arguably the world's first transoceanic empire at its height Spain controlled southern Italy the entirety of the Iberian peninsula the Low Countries and a colossal overseas empire stretching across the globe including the Americas and portions of India He had access to immense mineral wealth from the Peruvian silver mines a huge military made up of hardened veterans and many able and competent civil servants And yet in many respects Phillip was a failure despite his many triumphs against the Ottoman Empire and in the early decades of his rule the French His reign saw the permanent loss of the Netherlands the destruction of the Invincible Armada at the hands of Francis Drake and the expenditure of so much wealth and human life in futile wars which so weakened the Castilian economy that within fifty years Spain would be eclipsed by France as the preeminent European hegemonWhat went wrong? According to Geoffrey Parker the Spanish Empire was not predestined to fail despite the difficulties inherent in managing a global empire with many enemies Indeed within Phillip's life slightly changes in the way events unfolded could have led for example to him conuering England or crushing his rebellious Dutch subjects However Phillip's flaws as a ruler contributed to his empire's blunders An obsessive micro manager who was often unwilling to trust his subordinates he attempted to command complex military operations occurring hundreds of miles away from Madrid an impossible task that often left his commanders hamstrung Phillip's obsessive nature also led him to waste tremendous amounts of time on irrelevant minutia for example devoting countless hours in designing his magnificent palace complex at El Escorial while the situation in the Netherlands spiraled out of control Phillip for all of his genius at administration was ultimately a flawed and at times tragic figureParker is skilled writer and an excellent historian One is not likely to find such an readable biography about this time period particularly in English

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Imprudent King A New Life of Philip IIIgnificantly what we know about the king The book examines Philips long apprenticeship; his three principal interests work play and religion; and the major political military and personal challenges he faced during his long reign Parker offers fresh insights into the causes of Philips leadership failures was his empire simply too big to manage or would a monarch with different talents and temperament have fared better? With considerable skill and sympathy the author brings us a very useful view of one of the brutal world autocrats of the 16th century at a young age put in charge of a massive world empire by no than inheritance He illustrates the descent from a promising youth to a pious megalomaniac humbug A conscientious and hard working captive of his circumstances and his religion But it is hard to feel sympathy with a man who allows the Inuisition stamps hard on freedom seekers and enjoys watching people burned alive Philip is also a major factor in British history married to ueen Mary promoter of the Catholic faith opposer of Protestant Elizabeth suanderer of south American gold and silver competitor on the high seas sender of the Armada and wielder of a major land army This book has much to tell us and is well worth the read

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READER Í DOC Imprudent King FREE ´ [Ebook] ➧ Imprudent King: A New Life of Philip II Author Join or create book clubs – A vast archive of documents unread since the sixteenth century revises the portrait of Spains best known king Philip II is not only the most famous king in Spanish history but one of the mostEption 1526 and ends with his ascent to Paradise 1603 two occurrences surprisingly well documented by contemporaries Eminent historian Geoffrey Parker draws on four decades of research on Philip as well as a recent extraordinary archival discoverya trove of 3000 documents in the vaults of the Hispanic Society of America in New York City unread since crossing Philips own deskthan four centuries ago Many of them change s Parker uses newly released archives to draw a three dimensional portrait of this enigmatic monarch esp enjoyed the many direct uotes of frustrated contemporaries Philip reigned as an absolutist of uncompromising zealotry his legacy a cautionary lesson applicable today