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Reader ☆ Cold Print 352 pages ✓ Eyltransferservices ô [Reading] ➿ Cold Print By Ramsey Campbell – A collection of Ramsey campbell's horror stories including The Church in the High Street The Room in the Castle The Horrors from the Bridge The Insects from Shaggai The Render The Bridge The Insects from Shaggai The Render of the Veils The Inhabitant of the Lake The Will of Stanley Brooke The Moon Lens I read this book back in OctNov of 2012 and as someone who loves Lovecraftian tales this was a real treat Of the 21 stories here I only disliked two and uite a few were downright amazing There's many Lovecraftian story collections August Derleth wrote one but his stories all follow the same formula a man uncovers evidence of occult activity in an isolated house perhaps his ancestors' house then bad stuff happens But we find a lot of variety in this collection especially toward the second halfThe best in my opinion were The Insects From Shaggai The Inhabitant of the Lake Before the Storm Cold Print and Voice of the Beach The last has been hailed as Campbell's best writing ever and I can agree at least that it's a very creepy subtly horrific story

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A collection of Ramsey campbell's horror stories including The Church in the High Street The Room in the Castle The Horrors from Nov 2019 revisiting selected piecesThe intro is uite interesting; Campbell is candid and not very forgiving of his early stories I do remember The Stone on the Island from somewhere though I don't recall the casual sadism that Campbell is embarrassed aboutThe Moon Lens we've seen this bloke is trapped in a threatening small town shit happens trope a lot The lens are kind of fun But there's so much B movie mechanics he blocks the room door with the bed Oops now he can't unblock it etc And that voiceover explaining Shub Niggurath Blah blahThe Render of the Veils the opening scene with the protagonist caught in the rain looks forward to Campbell's later work But then we end up in a pretty standard hallucinations with odd alien device scenario straight out of Frank Belknap Long's Hound of Tindalos or was it Space Eaters? In any case Stuart Gordon's From Beyond is a fine over the top reworking of thisBefore the Storm holds up reasonably well I'd forgotten about the abrupt shifts in POV and only remembered the elegant ? ending The length helps a mere 10 pages though these days I'd prefer a tighter treatmentThe Insects from Shaggai I just can't get into all the different alien races who did what to whom what planets they hopped etc But I'm sure other fans caredInhabitant of the Lake is probably my favorite of Campbell's early Lovecraft stories The lake setup is nicely constructed the buildup is effective though too long and the climactic battle is fun I remember an article mentioning the penetrationcastration imagery in this; was it Campbell's? No I'm not making this up I know it's the period style but we do get mercilessly telegraphing passages likeNothing I could put my finger on but I certainly wouldn't like to live down there alone There's something about those trees growing so close and that black water as if there were things watching and waiting but you must think me crazy There is one point though why were those houses built so far from everywhere? By that lake too I mean it's hardly the first place you'd think of if you were going to build a row of houses Who'd be likely to live there?Maybe a bunch of crazy cultists worshipping the predictable Lovecraftian monster god that's who ZzzzzBlacked Out is Moon Lens in Bavaria with the sexual frustration that pervades uite a few of Campbell's post Lovecraft storiesA lot of trampling through the mud and undergrowth in The Faces at Pine Dunes The main story is nicely told through uncomfortable family interactions with Lovecraftian cliches mostly slipping through in small fragments There's after all so much flesh in the wayFunny my memories of The Voice of the Beach include a number of desperate and cryptic messages written on the sand none of which is in the story Maybe there's another beach story? I appreciate what Campbell is trying to do here but two not very interesting middle aged guys grumbling at each other gets a bit thin after 15 pages or so I like the device early on with the narrator omitting words referring to the beach But not much is done with it and the foreshadowing seems unnecessary and old fashioned Aickman or Evenson would probably have just dropped you into the murky grainy? situation and left you to figure out how it's going to work outThe title story still packs a punch though The way things just rev up in the last scene is pretty memorableThe setup of The Tugging is too long for my taste though it's probably consistent with the period style Nice effective ending with its genuinely cosmic implications

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Cold PrintBefore the Storm Cold Print Among These Pictures Are The Tugging The Faces at Pine Dunes Blacked Out and The Voice of the Beach A very good read overall RTC