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Download Zentangle Inspired Art Ebook ´ Õ Mahe zehra husain ¹ [Reading] ➿ Zentangle Inspired Art By Mahe Zehra Husain – Zentangle® is a new style of drawing in deliberate steps with a pre learned toolkit of patterns This art form has been developed by Rick Roberts and Of tools needed basic tangles created by Rick and Maria Zentangle Inspired Projects creating new tangles and lots of worksheets for you to play with and have fun So left brained or right brained artist or scientist child or adult join us in this wonderful journey as we discover and create awesome doodles and tangles This book will take you from the tools needed to start your Zentangle art experience to creating some beautiful Zentangle Inspired Art pieces that will range from mixed media to home décor crafts Let’s take a brief look at all we will cover in this book We will discuss paper pencils tiles and log books to store patterns Once we have all the basics in place we will move on to basic tangle patterns These tangle patterns have either all been developed by the founders of Zentangle Rick and Maria or are part of the list of official tangles They are a great place to start your tangling adventure Tangles can also be enhanced in several different ways We will talk about four of these methods and share some Some good resources hereHonestly I personally find it annoying to be told how I should be doodling but for the right audience I can see this being a great book

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Examples Next up we will add some color to the black and white world of Zentangle Art and stir things up a bit We will go through several different ways in which color can be incorporated in your tangled art Then we come to the art creation section of the book In Chapter 5 I will share lots of worksheets for exercises and projects you can do yourself whenever you want The worksheets come as an easy download and you can print as many as you want to use for yourself or share with family and friends when you introduce them to tangling These worksheets come as a separate pdf which is available for FREE download for all readers In Chapter 6 I will outline and give instructions for several applications of Zentangle art in the popular art and craft forms today We will talk about mixed media art dolls home décor items book making art journaling card making paper uilts Artist Trading Cards and paper crafting To finish up I will share with you a few of the tangles I have come up with and will show you how to create your own This book is not a true beginners guide The author shows some basic Zentangle® designs but does not explain the theory behind the designs uite a few times acronyms are used with out defining what they mean I would not recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn the art of Zentangle®

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Zentangle Inspired ArtZentangle® is a new style of drawing in deliberate steps with a pre learned toolkit of patterns This art form has been developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas What I love most about this art form is that all the patterns are based on simple lines circles and shapes Anyone can do it The beauty of Zentangle lies in the way these patterns evolve from their simple building blocks Different patterns are put together to create small ‘tiles’ or suare drawings Zentangle art has been used by artists from all over the globe and from all art fields They have incorporated Zentangle art into everything from mixed media paper crafting scrap booking to home décor projects A simple search on Google images will reveal the vast world of Zentangle art Zentangle art has also been used by kids all over the world to have fun and make paper toys With this book Zentangle art can now be used by you to rest relax create and make art This book is perfect for the beginner as well as the experienced tangler We will go through the list Cool ideas but I wouldn't consider it a beginners guide