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Analyzes the controversies and mysteries surrounding Socrates' life and death including the debate over his portrayal in Plato's Socratic dialogues Discusses the philosophers' writings about knowledge logic metaphysics science reason Forms political science rhetoric andIncludes busts and other art depicting the philosophers and other important people Includes a Bibliography on each for further reading In 427 BC the Ancient Greek city state of Athens was flourishing Approximately 80 years earlier the Athenians had formed the first self representative democracy in history the Peloponnesian War against Sparta had only just started and Socrates was only beginning to lay the foundation of what would become Western philosophy None of Socrates’ works survived antiuity so most of what is known about him came from the writings of his followers most notably Plato What is known about Socrates is that he seemed to make a career out of philosophy and Plato was intent on following in his footsteps Yet for all of the influence of Socrates’ life on his followers it was Socrates’ death around 399 BC that truly shaped them Plato was so embittered by Socrates’ trial in Athens that he completely soured on Athenian democr

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Antiquity's Greatest Philosophers Socrates Plato and AristotleAcy and Aristotle would later criticize politicians who relied on rhetoric; when Aristotle’s own life was threatened he fled Greece and allegedly remarked “I will not allow the Athenians to sin twice against philosophy About a decade after Socrates’ death Plato returned to Athens and founded his famous Platonic Academy around 387 BC which he oversaw for 40 years until his death One of Plato’s philosophical beliefs was that writing down teachings was less valuable than passing them down orally and several of Plato’s writings are responses to previous writings of his so Plato’s personally held beliefs are hard to discern However Plato educated several subseuent philosophers chief among them Aristotle and his writings eventually formed the backbone of Western philosophy Alongside Socrates and Plato Aristotle is without uestion one of the most influential ancient Greek philosophers and arguably the greatest icon of ancient thought His life and work expanded rapidly and extensively across the ancient world helped in part by the fact he tutored Alexander the Great he was a recognized and celebrated intellectual force during all of antiuity and the Middle Ages Further after Aristotle Greek thought and po

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kindle Ë Antiquity's Greatest Philosophers and Aristotle read ì join or create book clubs ↠ [Epub] ➛ Antiquity's Greatest Philosophers: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle By Join or create book clubs – Analyzes the controversies and mysteries Litical influence began a rapid decline and the cultivation of knowledge so important during the classic period slowly but surely began to fade making Aristotle the last of ancient Greece’s great philosophers Aristotle’s influence on Western philosophical thought is marked by an extensive list of crucial issues that both signaled the way forward but at the same time boggled philosophers’ minds throughout the centuries Aristotle’s reflections on Being as well as his rigorous Logic were his most important philosophical legacy but he was also an intellectual in the broadest sense of the word His interests went beyond metaphysical uestions and into practical life and practical knowledge from ethics to politics rhetoric and the sciences all of which left a profound impact on Western political thought and ethics Naturally this has also made him one of the foundations of knowledge and philosophical thought that subseuent philosophers relied on when forming and refining their own philosophies Antiuity’s Greatest Philosophers chronicles the lives works and philosophies of all three philosophers in depth while analyzing their enduring legacies You will learn about Socrates Plato and Aristotle like never befor