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Epub Ë An Ordinary Dude's Guide to Meditation fluff or hippie stuff ✓ Eyltransferservices ☆ ❴Download❵ ➽ An Ordinary Dude's Guide to Meditation: Learn how to meditate easily - without the religion, fluff or hippie stuff (Ordinary Dude Guides) Author JoThere are hundreds of meditation books out there Many written by monks and some written by hippies and spiritual gurus But how many of these books are written by an ordinary dude? Someone who is just like you someone who has a day job whose preferred outfit I started meditating recently and I have read a few really thick books on what it is and how to do it This book was much practical for me and would be much easier for a beginner to follow It was well written and easy to understand Just the basics of what happens when you meditate and how to do it the simplest way No weird positions no chanting no staring at your belly button Just the simple and basic understanding and methods of sitting still and not thinking about anything specific I really responded to the idea of the space between thoughts That seems to be the concept that I was missingI really liked the book and I will keep it as a reminder on getting back to the basics of meditation I am sure I will read it several times in the coming years I was fortunate enough to pick it up when it was offered for free but it's well work the few dollars that it costs nowIf you read this one and want to know about the how and why of meditation you will either have to spend a few bucks or get something from the public library I recommend the library because it's free but that in now way should detract from the uality of this book

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Is jeans and a t shirt and enjoys knocking back a few beers on Friday night? I'm as ordinary as they come The only differenceI've been meditating for over 13 years And I want to show you how you can meditate too in a straightforward language that any ordinar I’ve considered giving meditation a shot for uite some time but have always shoved it to the back burner thinking it's just too religious for me I like how the author immediately dispels the notion that meditation has anything to do with religion Hearing how this Ordinary Dude started practicing meditation and how it has helped him is truly inspirationalThe book is a very approachable length and is written in clear conversational language explaining the benefits of meditation and everything you need to get started Calming the mind and easing the constant churn of thoughts is what I hope to gain from meditation and this book has really inspired me to give it a go

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An Ordinary Dude's Guide to Meditation Learn how to meditate easily without the religion fluff or hippie stuff Ordinary Dude GuidesY dude or dudette can understand Over a decade of practice meditation has transformed my life bringingpeace calm and clarity into it than I could have ever imagined when I started at the age of 19 And now I want to share how meditation can do the same for yo I did not think that a meditation book could be both fun and informational I also didn’t think that meditation was so simple The author explains how to meditate in a very simple way and includes lots of pictures to help walk me through it This is a very practical guide I am sure I will come back to this again as I try to start my own meditation practice