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A Secret AlchemyAnd that of present day historian Una Pryor Orphaned and herself brought up in a family where secrets and rivalries threaten her world Una's experience of tragedy betrayal and lost love help her unlock the long buried secrets that led to the princes' deathsWeaving their stories together Emma Darwin brilliantly evokes how the violence and glamour of past ages live on within our presen There was just enough to keep me going through the whole thing but in the end this was just a confusing mess She switches narrative voice too freuently and timelines as well so I was never uite sure when we were And the modern story was just a mess simply did not belong to the rest of it and was jarring every time I got there In the endnotes Darwin says she included Anthony's voice in addition to Elizabeth's because so many of the major events in Elizabeth's life were off screen as it were However since much of his narration was in flashback it still felt off screen and confusing to boot when is this bit happening again? The end twist a la Byatt's Possession was just lame read that book instead to see how to wrap a historical story in a modern one complete with scholarship and found letters What a disappointment too many things going on and trying too hard

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The power struggles and passion that lay behind their birth the danger into which they fell the profoundly moving days before their imprisonment and the ultimate betrayal of their innocenceIn A Secret Alchemy three voices speak that of Elizabeth Woodville the beautiful widow of King Edward IV; of her brother Anthony surrogate father to the doomed Prince Edward and his brother Dickon; I grew to like this book as it went on I found it in my attic in a box full of books I hadn’t looked at in years so I have uite a reading adventure coming up I invariably like dual timeframe novels if they are done well and my key criticism of this story is in the presentation of the narration of Elizabeth Woodville and her brother Anthony Anthony’s tale is set in 1483 and includes many reminiscences of his time as a knight how he berates himself over his inability to protect his young nephew Ned and the very real grief at what he sees as his failure It's a lamentation on his life as he rides north to his certain execution Elizabeth’s narrative stretches from her betrothal to John Grey to her discovery of what happened to her two youngest sons when she is uietly living in Bermondsey Abbey The choice to focus on segments of characters’ lives rather than an unbroken narrative may confuse readers who are not familiar with the story I enjoyed it myself but I have a good depth of knowledge of the Wars of the Roses the Woodville family the Princes in the Tower and most importantly the chronology If I hadn’t I would have floundered in the reading as well as to make sense of what went on in between times Similarly the journal entries of Elizabeth and Anthony are undated or preceded with “The first year of the reign of King Edward IV” I knew that was 1461 but not everyone would Another muddling element may be the use of titles Gloucester Clarence rather than characters' namesElizabeth too is a believable character insecure at getting older whilst realistic and principled at the same time I liked this portrayal of her as I have in the past scathingly dismissed her as an “ultimate WAG” for the way she sought power and approbation for her family members through her marriage a balanced view of this is given in this story There are also stirrings of her uneasiness over Richard's attention to her eldest daughter which has been well documented elsewhere Back in the present or rather 1995 Professor Una Pryor has come back to England briefly to sell her house following the death of her husband in Australia visits her cousins and makes the acuaintance of a teenage crush from the 1960s There are many parallels between Una’s life and that of Elizabeth Woodville and her family; cousins at war sun and moon analogies and historical findings that unlock a few long buried secrets The ending is known for Elizabeth and Anthony but Una’s is an open book I did have difficulty identifying with Una and the printing and publishing industry and understand this was included to tie in with the career of Anthony Woodville Anthony had a very distinct voice was an impressive character and told his story well I have never found any historical evidence that he was gay or bisexual and would welcome some comment on this I did like the artistic licence taken with this character to present him in this very realistic way and portray someone so full of anguish but also as a person of conviction Though I marvelled at how he managed to write his memoirs from beyond the grave And I have to say even though I’ve been and spoken to him in Leicester Cathedral I still think Richard did it

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Download Ebook ¶ A Secret Alchemy 416 pages õ Eyltransferservices ò ★ A Secret Alchemy PDF / Epub ✪ Author Emma Darwin – Two murdered princes; a powerful ueen betrayed; a nobleman riding towards his certain deathThe story of the Princes in the Tower has been oTwo murdered princes; a powerful ueen betrayed; a nobleman riding towards his certain deathThe story of the Princes in the Tower has been one of the most fascinating and most brutal murder mysteries in history for than five hundred yearsIn a brilliant feat of historical daring Emma Darwin has recreated the terrible exhilarating world of the two youngest victims of the War of the Roses A Secret Alchemy is narrated by two historical characters Elizabeth Woodville and her brother Anthony and by one fictitious one Una Pryor a historian who's returned to England from her home in Australia to sell her English property During her stay in England the recently widowed Una who's working on a book about Anthony Woodville and his reading visits the cousins with whom she was raised and encounters the man whom she loved as an adolescentAnthony's story begins with the last journey of his life he is bound for Pontefract Castle where he knows that the future Richard III has scheduled his execution Elizabeth tells her story from the uiet confines of Bermondsey Abbey to which she has retired from the court of Henry VII Neither tells his or her life story from beginning to end; instead they each focus on a few selected episodes such as Elizabeth's courtship by Edward IV and Anthony's exile abroad As a result the cast of characters is relatively small we meet Edward IV Edward V a few Woodvilles Anthony's lover and Elizabeth's long time attendant and confidante There's a cameo appearance by Thomas Malory and a couple of very brief ones by the future Richard IIII thoroughly enjoyed reading Anthony's and Elizabeth's stories and had tears in my eyes after reading both which doesn't happen very often especially when I know the ending Anthony's tale especially the love story Darwin gives him which I found very plausible and his terrible grief when he realizes that his charge Edward V is at the mercy of Richard III is very moving Elizabeth who's so often reduced to a caricature by historical novelists is beautifully drawn here She's strong minded and courageous yet vulnerable There's even a touch of humor here and there as when Elizabeth's earthy sister Margaret comments on the ueen's morning sicknessThe contemporary story Una's was well done also I didn't find it as compelling as the medieval ones but Darwin did a nice job of working the historical strands and the contemporary strand into an integrated wholeDarwin has researched her novel with care and she provides an afterword putting the tales of Anthony and Elizabeth in their historical contextI heartily recommend this novel