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read A Gathering of Twine kindle ç Paperback Ô ❴Download❵ ➽ A Gathering of Twine Author Martin Adil-Smith – Everything about you is a lie Freeman Sullivan is a man running out of time As he submits his final manuscript to his sceptical editor he tells the story of Professor George TEverything about you is a lie Freeman Sullivan is a man running out of time As he submits his final manuscript to his sceptical editor he tells the story of Pro I honestly had no idea how hooked I was going to be by this book The scope and breadth of the story had me from the first chapter There isn't really one central character to follow as the story encompasses a conspiracy that encompasses the whole world Every human being in Adil Smith's universe is a part of the greater narrative of what can only be described as a conspiracy of godlike proportions By the end of the book I was left with that feeling you get when your head is still in the story but you are back in the 'real world' now I missed the characters and had the need to know how it was all going to end Two books in and I still have that feeling I still think about this story months after having finished the first and second book I can't wait to see where Adil Smith takes me with the third instalment Do yourself a favour Buy This Book You can thank me later

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Bly changed lives Because Freeman has realised the Professor's truth that the walls are thinning and the shadows are lengthening as our world awaits Her arrival This is a tale of creeping shadows uestionable sanity and uneasy alliesIs our world being secretly run by an arcane order bent causing misery and chaos? Or are these these just the incoherent rambling of Freeman Sullivan as he struggles to complete his final bookThis book reminds me of many authors from different genres and thus is difficult to categorize yes this is horror but it is the horror that you don't see; is it the shadow under your bed it is the movement in your wardrobeNo one can doubt the scope and the scale; the main story is set in the near future 2030 something but recounts events of 100years before and entwine many families and friends In that regard it reminded me of James Clavell's work and to a lesser degree The Dark Tower saga a massive world filled with politics deceit and uestionable religionThen there is overarching themes; dead God's returning Lovecraft secret societies and conspiracy Dan Brown Twilight Zone X Files and the terrible things that people will do in a crisis Stephen King Clive Barker Graham Masterton Dean KoontzFinally there is the characterizations They are textured with back stories and history and a great deal of love and care is shown which reminds me of Anne Rice's early workThis is a gripping and compelling story but one that does not fit neatly into any one category It certainly does make you think and that is just one of it's many strengths

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A Gathering of TwineFessor George Tate and Celus his seemingly ageless assistant as they are expelled from the British Museum and embark on a journey that leaves a wake of irrevoca Several reviewers have compared the author of A Gathering of Twine to a gamut of fiction writers all masters in their genre I found these comparisons to be the source of the one real problem I had with this story; I couldn't get comfortable with the narrator's styleI loved the basic premise confirmationverification of the true story of Mankind how we came to be how we developed as we did and came to the global situation the story is set and finally who makes it all happen as it did and doesI liked Freeman Sullivan and his publisher I loved George Tate and in a completely different way Celus In fact I could suspend disbelief in favor of the majority of characters throughout the bookWhat kept this from being a great read versus a very good read was that well; allow me to make an author comparison after all Dante Dante's Inferno is considered by many to be a masterpiece of epic poetry and I'm certain that the critics are better able to make such claims than I As it was when I read Dante's Inferno so it was with A Gathering of Twine I became lost and confused in the intricacies of the plot twists and turns; so much so that I could not make the necessary connections to reach closure at the endAs to a recommendation; if you understood and liked Dante's Inferno you'll like or love A Gathering of Twine As for me I remain intrigued by the premise to such a degree that I plan on reading the book again when I have time Maybe then I can come back upgrade the star level and give the book a stronger recommendation