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FREE READ A Fellowship of Differents î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❮Ebook❯ ➮ A Fellowship of Differents ➯ Author Scot McKnight – In this compelling book Scot McKnight shares his personal experience in the church as well as his study of the Apostle Paul to aS same beliefs about everything same tastes in music and worship and sermons and lifestyle  Because of his experience he writes incisively and compellinglyThe church is God’s world changing social experiment of bringing unlikes and differents to the table to share life with one another as a new kind of family  When this happens we show to the world what love justice peace reconciliation and life together is designed by God to be The church is God’s show and tell for the world to see how God wants us to live as a fami. Scot McKnight has given us a glimpse of church not from a theological or methodological point of view from a practical attitudinal point of view The only real way to do this is to mine the New Testament for the details And grace is in the details So is mercy And love Oh if you didn't know it is also pretty messyI really liked this book though there were a couple of points I disagree with him onThe chapter that deals with sexuality in the Roman Empire and the extrapolation as to what that means for Paul's admonitions against sexual immorality is vital for the church today to understand McKnight affirms the biblical position on sexuality and marriage and celibacy but is honest about the struggles that people can have in this area Not uite a spoiler here there is little going on in the West today that wasn't going on in the Roman Empire We need to get back to Scripture and learn how the NT church dealt with it McKnight points us in that directionThe basic gist of the book is that the church was not designed to be filled with people who were all alike but a community where all people are welcomed and walk together towards Christ likenessI will say that I thought the book ended a little abruptly There was no real conclusion to draw all the ideas back together There was no real call to action on a macro scale A concluding chapter would have been a welcomed addition to the bookThis is a much needed book Grab a copy and enjoy

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In this compelling book Scot McKnight shares his personal experience in the church as well as his study of the Apostle Paul to answer this significant uestion  What is the church supposed to beFor most of us the church is a A Fellowship Epubplace we go to on Sunday to hear a sermon or to participate in worship or to partake in communion or to fellowship with other Christians  Church is all contained within one or two hours on Sunday morningThe church the Apostle Paul talks about is designed by God to be a fellowship of d. Best book I have read in a very long time The author talks about how church was meant to be a place where different people come together not a place where everyone thinks the same

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A Fellowship of DifferentsIfference how people differ socially and differents how people differ culturally God did not design the church to be a two hour experience on Sunday but a mixture of people from all across the map and spectrum men and women rich and poor Caucasians or African Americans and Mexican Americans Latin Americans Asian Americans and Indian Americans and a mixture of people with varying personalities and tastes  The church McKnight grew up in was a fellowship of sames and likes There was almost no variety in his church White folk. I really liked this book Thankfully the salad bowl analogy which did not add anything to the book was dropped about one third of the way through But on the whole McKnight really gets you thinking about local church