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A Candle in the Dark Book » 416 pages Ö Megan chance Ö ➵ A Candle in the Dark Read ➼ Author Megan Chance – Eyltransferservices.co.uk I NEED A MAN ANY MAN She had blood on her dress and trouble in her eyes when she walked into Cavey Davey's tavern and roused Dr Cain D'Alessandro from his drunken stI NEED A MAN ANY MAN She had blood on her dress and trouble in her eyes when she walked into Cavey Davey's tavern and roused Dr Cain D'Alessandro from his drunken stupor The sight of Ana The Duchess beautiful icy desperate almost sobered him She looked like a whore and spoke 45 starsAnother controversial book by Megan Chance with the heroine being a prostitute and the hero an alcoholic for almost the entirety of the book And still poignant and emotional and heartwrenching as we get to watch two very flawed persons coming to care for each other and find salvation and hope in their love Uniue setting in the jungles of Panama a bit of adventure tons of drama and self flagellation make this a very very exciting read I have to thank my friend AJ for bringing this author and this book in particular to my attention I feel as if I've hit on a goldmine

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Like a lady who had just committed murder She had money and they both needed to escape So Cain D'Alessandro agreed to pose as her husband on the dangerous trip through Panama to California But Ana hadn't reckoned on a full ship of sailors or the perilous trip through the Pana Powerful story that grabbed me from beginning to the very end Ana aka the Duchess is a high value prostitute in one of the brothels of New York in the middle of 19th century She is on a mission to find a man any man who can pretend to be her husband and escort her to San Francisco where she would be safe and can open her own establishment She needs this man to escape a prosecution for killing an abusive customer If she was not in such a hurry she would never consider Cain to be such a man Her first reaction seeing him is dismay Cain is an alcoholic and a former doctor Actually the latter is what repulsed her for reasons readers would find out later But Anna has no choice she has to leave and he is the only man available to do so in a hurry with no attachments to the city And so begins the journey of two tortured souls from New York to San Francisco via Panama Canal The book is very well written with amazing characters that are definitely uniue and remarkably described setting The story is not for a faint of heart I know it will stay with me for a long time

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A Candle in the DarkManian wilderness All she had was Cain an intimate stranger forced to abandon his liuor to save them both Suddenly he was a threat capable of seeing her weakness and offering his strength And all he asked for in return was her love something she'd never given to any man befor I'm surprised people haven't read this It was really good and very uniue It almost doesn't seem like they will be together until the very end Ana's walls were a mile tall it seemed They each had their own demons which both had to faceWow none of Ana's clients ever tried to pleasure her with oral sexsad She didn't even know what a climax was For someone who is supposed to be very experienced in sex she sure didn't know much Obviously Ana wasn't my favorite kind of heroine She was pretty mean to Cain and I agree with what one reviewer said that it was hard to see what was so attractive about her besides her good looks I wish they revealed their secrets to each other that Ana's virginity was taken by the doctor who was there to help her mother so that Cain would know why Ana disliked doctors Or Cain's secret it seemed like there was to why he turned to the bottle and felt that he was a failure as a doctor I the beginning he seemed to have a recollection of a girl whose leg needed amputation but she didn't want to do it and she died ? Also the book needed one page of her agreeing to marry him It was implied but surely it couldn't have hurt the author to write a few lines?I see why this deserve the RTA's award that's how I found it I was browsing books that won that award It was very well written and the romance and the way they had to let each other in and heal each other was thought out and executed well